Washington State Discovery Programs

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Quo’s life-changing travel adventures take students to all 7 continents, but sometimes the best experiential learning happens right here, close to home.

Quo’s Washington State Discovery Programs blend iconic Northwest experiences, unique access to local flavors, and thoughtful lessons from unforgettable people and places…

…so students better understand where they come from—and where they are going.

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A Whole Continent in One State

Washington State is a particularly diverse slice of North America. We’re blessed with phenomenal industry, geology, topography, ethnicity, engineering, culture and history.

A more personal understanding of Washington’s natural and human resources will advance your students on their path to educational success.


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Activate Young Minds Through Hands-On Experience

Quo’s Washington State Discovery Programs help you:

  • excite students’ interest
  • engage students’ curiosity, and
  • bring textbooks to life.

With the right exposure, right here at home, young people learn far more about the world – and themselves – than they ever imagined possible.


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Your Custom Travel Curriculum

Let’s craft a curriculum that mirrors what you’re teaching.

Our immersive field trips help you transform classroom ideas into personalized, real-world learning. Experiencing it makes it more memorable.


Why Partner with Quo?

Quo Vadis means “Where are you going?”

Let Quo help you design a signature program.

From community to community, students get a feel for the personal interconnectedness of our state’s people, industry, history, culture and governance.

From handshakes to hashtags, young citizens form an understanding of how our individual stories reflect the larger American experience.

From the city to the sound, from the Cascades to the Capitol, from commuting to kayaking, from fly-fishing to flying fish, students get a head start on finding their path in life!

Partner with Quo to custom-build your school’s Washington Discovery adventure!

With our incredibly adaptable Washington State programs, students learn so much about the larger world by first getting better acquainted with what's in their own “back yard.” Quo's hands-on local learning experiences help develop the global child!

Peg Thomas, Founder & CEO

Imagine Washington’s Wonders

Two days? Four days? A week? Your Washington State Discovery Program can be as short or as long as you like.

Focus on whatever aspects of Washington life and history you choose. Combine a range of locations, adventures and experiences that allow students to learn, explore and grow, according to your plan.

  • Experience iconic Seattle structures & institutions such as the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, the Chihuly Museum and the Seattle Art Museum.
  • Gain an up-close, personalized introduction to maritime science, aviation science, earth science and historic feats of engineering.
  • Walk through the history, art and progress of native tribal culture, and become more aware of the reasons that our “cultural melting pot” makes America a beacon to the world.
  • Global industry becomes more personal with an HQ visit at homegrown businesses like Starbucks, Microsoft and Amazon.
  • How about an overnight STEM CAMP at Mt. St. Helens? Take part in scientific research and observe local examples of the global impact of climate change. Get ready for an up-close lesson in volcanology!
  • From opulence to obligation, from affluence to anguish, it’s difficult to understand Washington’s past and future without understanding the rich benefits and influences, as well as the environmental and social costs, of our complex and fabled interconnectedness with mining and timber.
  • From butter-churning to migrant farming, from animal husbandry to distribution of Washington’s legendary produce and grain, hands-on exposure to real-life agriculture helps young people connect the dots from farm to table.
  • Witness state government and the justice system in action. Locally and nationally, public service is increasingly personal, and it comes alive when students meet real people whose careers take them to Olympia and into the hallowed halls of our Capitol.
  • Washington’s landscape is every kind of diverse. Venture into the legendary, forested and awe-inspiring splendor of the Olympics, the Cascades or the Rockies. Find the essential, rugged beauty in our remote high-desert grasslands. Traverse the distinctive rolling hills of the Palouse. Come to know the people, practices and traditions that make Washington’s lush farmlands some of the finest and most productive in North America. Experience the distinctive, vital and alluring qualities that draw the world’s attention to Puget Sound.
  • Adventure teaches unforgettable lessons! Learning is as much about the physical as the mental experience. Build in time to hike, kayak, rappel, swim, fish and whitewater raft.
  • Setting worldwide trends gets people’s attention. Inspire and activate young minds among the most important, internationally-renowned and recognizable examples of Washington arts and culture.

Potential Program Options

Below are a few options to consider for your school’s field trip, and there are many more possibilities! Look through these options to get your creativity flowing. Also, click this button to download & print a checklist.

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