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Faith In Action

Students’ modern lives are overwhelmingly busy, complicated and filled with distraction.

More than ever, it’s a struggle to shift students’ focus from the self and integrate faith into daily life.

For many, it’s not a lack of desire that obstructs the path to personal transformation. Media, activities and even studies fill students’ days and minds.

So, how best to help them and engage with the off-screen world and stay on the path to success?

Today’s students urgently need experiences that:

  • reinforce values
  • instill a sense of gratitude
  • and inspire meaningful action.

Quo Vadis crafts international cultural experiences that help youth form tangible connections with those unlike themselves…

…and what really matters.

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Families entrust the faithful development of their children to your school because they believe in the power of a faith-based education. We pledge that your Quo Vadis program will be a deeply immersive and faithful experience, complementing your curriculum and the investment these families make in their children’s development.

Peg Thomas, Co-Founder & CEO
Quo Vadis Faith Based Student Travel - Faith Education Travel

What is “Quo Vadis?”

Where are you going?

Quo Vadis is Latin for “where are you going?” 

When you’re a student, could there be a bigger question?

Quo Vadis Student Travel is here to help young people find their path in life.

Catholic Student Travel - Catholic School Travel Program - Service Travel

I appreciate Quo including me so much in the planning of our program. I feel proud to have had a hand in its creation. It was a huge success because it gives unique experiences that other programs do not offer. We had a huge wish list of experiences and Quo successfully put everything together to create a comprehensive experience that's inspiring, creative, informative, artistic and fun. Transformative!

Adam Othman, 'London: Drama' Program, Seattle Prep
Context & Guidance

You get more than an education when you see the world, make new connections and explore new cultures.

An immersive experience, set in the proper context, is a phenomenal way for young people to discover new aspects of themselves and the world around them.

Thoughtful guidance allows young travelers to find a new appreciation for all that they already have, and for all the things still left to learn.

A Partnership in Community-Building

Quo Vadis wants to be your partner in clearing students’ paths, so they can access both the global classroom and the global faith community. We help you pave the way for:

  • personal development
  • academic growth
  • global awareness
  • and a stronger connection to students’ faith.
Catholic Education - Faith Based Travel

We learned so much! Everything was arranged ideally. Our Travel Manager was excellent - he took care of everything, he was kind and patient and the students loved him. We could tell that our local guides were unlike the other tour guides around us, superior by far. All food was excellent. The most impactful parts of our experience were the two service days, classroom time with local students and the cooking lessons. We were so well cared for throughout this experience.

Bei Bernal, Cambodia & Vietnam, Seattle Prep
Putting Broccoli in the Brownies

Quo Founder Peg Thomas uses this metaphor to describe the way she has successfully taught her teenage sons the most powerful lessons of faith.

It’s difficult to sell kids on suffering and sacrifice, but when it’s baked right in with the fun & adventure they crave, they’re all too happy to embrace the meaningful ingredients, too.

This is the Quo Vadis recipe. We craft faithful, purposeful and transformative programs that include enough fun that it’s easy to enroll kids in growth experiences.

Transform Students’ Role in the World
  • Retreat-Centered Focus
  • Mindfulness, Journaling, Prayer
  • Intentional Action/Reflection
  • Social Justice
  • Humanitarian Community Service
  • Exposure to Comparative Religion
  • Hands-on Learning & Cultural Immersion
  • Fun & Adventure
  • Fully Customizable Itineraries & Curriculum
Quo Vadis - Faith Based Educational Travel - Catholic Student Travel

I'd like to thank Quo for their consistent support and help. I really appreciated the variety of sites, activities and experiences included on a relatively short trip. Our Travel Manager was awesome. Accommodations were very comfortable, clean and centrally-located. The food was excellent. Students with allergies were well attended to. Our favorite activity was the school visit - such a meaningful way for the girls to interact with Chinese youth. The most impactful part was seeing how my students' interest was awakened.

· Abby Drake, China, Holy Names Academy
Distinguishing Your Institution

People talk.

Word gets out.

And results speak for themselves.

We thrive on seeing you and your students shine, and a Quo Vadis travel program will enhance your reputation!

In your community and beyond, accounts of the impact on students will set your school apart from others—locally, regionally and nationally.

Quo Vadis is a world-class travel program that delivers world-class experiences. I want to say 'Thank You' and 'Bravo' for putting together an excellent and inspirational program! I am excited to travel with you again.

Adam Othman, Seattle Prep
Quo Vadis Faith Based Student Travel - Faith Education Travel

Faith Based Itineraries

Catholic Student Travel - Catholic School Travel Program - Service Travel

Join Quo for a service & culture-rich adventure in Cambodia & Vietnam. From ancient temples to modern cities. From remnants of war to a peaceful society. Join students at a floating school and participate in hands-on service projects with locals. Pure inspiration to fuel a life-long passion for travel and service!


People to People - P2P - PTPI - Ambassador Programs

Service, culture and adventure unite in a meaningful, fun and unforgettable experience for faith based schools!  Among lush rainforest canopies, soaring volcanic vistas, bubbling hot springs and gaze-worthy waterfalls, students will channel their inner adrenaline junky, engage with their local peers and connect with a culture that is warm and welcoming. A perfect introduction to Pura Vida!


People to People - P2P - Ambassador Programs - PTPI

Faith enrichment. Inspiration. Personal growth. With ancient culture dating back nearly 3,000 years, Italy has some of the most fascinating history in all of Europe. As the seat of the universal Catholic Church, it provides an unparalleled opportunity for religious exploration. We invite you to experience beauty, social diversity, fascinating traditions and ancient culture while exploring your faith in a whole new way.



Quo and My360Project invite you to join our most unforgettable service opportunity.  Loaded with meaningful, hands-on & sustainable interactions, this program delivers a life-changing impact for each participant – and all those you’ll serve.  Join us for five transformational days in Baja, Mexico!


People to People - P2P - Ambassador Programs - API

State Government. Pacific Northwest History. Native Culture. Pioneer Heritage. Faith Communities. Plus Science, Adventure & Discovery! You curate the ideal collection of experiences, tailored to your school’s curriculum, timing & interests. Our Washington State programs blend iconic Northwest experiences, unique access to local flavors, and thoughtful lessons from unforgettable people and places, blended with faith interactions.


What About Custom Programs?

Just about anything you can dream, Quo Vadis can deliver.

The ideal experience for your school’s curriculum and interests may not be on the list above. We love it when that happens!

Let’s explore your vision. Our experienced educational travel experts will help you craft the perfect set of experiences.

From initial concepts to the return trip home, we DELIVER. It’s important to know that, with Quo Vadis, you have a true partner. We’re invested in the quality, safety and meaningful impact of your students’ travel experience.

Need Some Ideas?

If you want a transformative travel program, but haven’t chosen your ideal destination(s), let our experience and expertise help guide your thinking.

Any of our secular itineraries can be adapted for faith-based schools.

The addition of:

  • genuinely meaningful SERVICE activities
  • BONDING experiences at parochial schools
  • teaching english and playing sports with local children & ORPHANS
  • HANDS-ON LEARNING at religious institutions
  • memorable meetings with local FAITH LEADERS
  • and attending WORSHIP service with locals

combine to complete an immersive cultural & educational experience that’s entirely your own. You design it.

So, where are you going?

Click this “Current Destinations” button to see where other travel groups are headed next year.

OR, explore our archive of sample itineraries (by region) and let your imagination run wild. This creative process lays the foundation of the adventure of a lifetime.

Click the regions below for links to program examples.

Sample Itins by Region:


Pricing & Size

Does Group Size Matter?

CUSTOM groups always require a minimum number of participants to travel.

Depending on where you’re going, minimum group size varies.  Minimums are set according to price breaks available for group rates.

Smaller groups can travel, but costs will be higher. Larger groups may see per-person cost savings.

Below is a general, non-binding guideline for group minimums – each itinerary must be priced to establish actual minimum group size.

What factors go into pricing?

Quo programs are typically all-inclusive. The cost of your specific program will depend on many factors, such as:

  • destination(s)
  • time of year
  • duration
  • activities included
  • accommodations
  • flights/passages required
  • ratio of paying travelers to Leaders (6:1, 8:1, 10:1)
  • availability of transportation
  • lead-time of booking
  • entrance fees & tickets
  • meals
  • number of specialty Guides
  • number of Travel Managers
  • security requirements, and
  • total number of participants traveling (group size).
EF Tours - Quo Student Travel - Educational Travel


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Where are you going?