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If you have questions or encounter any difficulty, please don’t hesitate to contact our Finance Department any time:

Kerri McBride

Making a Payment

Pay by ACH/Electronic Check (preferred) or by Credit Card 

Complete the form below make a payment by Credit Card.

(Please note, a 2% processing fee is added to credit card payments.)


Pay by Paper Check

Make your check payable to Quo Student Travel and mail it to:

Quo Student Travel

1525 E Westminster Ln.

Spokane, WA 99223

*Please reference the traveler name and program name on each check.

Deposits, Discounts & Payment Plans


For your Enrollment to be complete, it must include a deposit of $500 (unless otherwise specified in writing), as noted in the payment options below. All deposits are applied to total program price.


Please note, only one discount opportunity applies per enrollment.

• Alumni Discount

For any program enrollment, at any time, a $150 discount will be awarded to all returning Quo Alumni.

• Early Enrollment Discount

For Core Program enrollments only, a $100 discount will be applied to all Summer enrollments prior to September 15 of the prior year.

Payment Plans

Which Payment Plan Is Right for You?

When enrolling for your Quo Student Travel program, we offer 3 payment options.

1) Payment in Full ($50 Discount)

Every family is welcome to pay their program cost in full at the time of enrollment. It’s easy, and we instantly reward you with a $50 discount (if enrollment occurs at least 120 days prior to departure date).

2) Monthly Payments

You are welcome to select scheduled Monthly Payments if you enroll more than 120 days prior to departure date.

This option requires a $500 deposit at time of enrollment, followed by equal monthly payments due at the beginning of each of the remaining months up to 60 days prior to departure.

For example, for an October 15 enrollment date and June 15 departure date:

  • $500 deposit due: October 15
  • then equal monthly payments of remaining program cost:
  • November 1, December 1, January 1, February 1, March 1, April 1
  • Final payment is due no later than 60 days prior to departure (in this case, April 15)
3) Installment Plan

The Installment Plan allows you to make two larger deferred payments and is great for those families who are fundraising.

For those families who are fundraising, you can make smaller, more frequent payments on the installment payment plan, as long as you follow the due dates noted below.

For instance, to travel in 2017, you’ll pay the $500 deposit when you enroll, then:

Winter Break Departure: 50% due September 1, final payment due November 1
Spring Break Departure: 50% due November 15th, final payment due February 1
Summer Departure: 50% due January 15, final payment due by April 15

Refunds & Fees


Sometimes, people change their minds. It happens to all of us, and that’s okay!

That’s why Quo allows every enrollment a 3 Day (72 hour) Grace Period, during which you can change your mind about traveling and still receive a 100% Refund.

Withdrawal Fees

If, at some point after the first 72 hours of your enrollment, you find that you’re unable to travel with us, we still understand about that. We do ask, however, that you let us know in writing via email or mail, so we have a record verifying that you want us to go through the steps necessary to cancel your booking.

As time goes by, Quo must pay our vendors and partners an escalating penalty rate for canceled bookings, and day-by-day we invest an increasing amount of administrative time to ensure that every arrangement is perfect for you. This is why our Withdrawal Fees follow the schedule indicated below:

119 days or more prior to departure full refund less: $250 Deposit
90 to 120 days prior to departure full refund less: 25% of program cost
46 to 89 days prior to departure full refund less: 50% of program cost
45 days or less prior to departure: No Refund

Of course, we want you to travel if at all possible! So, if another program is available, we will work with you to transfer your registration to that program. Understand, however, that additional fees may apply for transferring, including a new tuition rate and higher airfare costs.

A word about refunding your Deposit:

Now and then, plans change. Unless you cancel within 72 hours, we can’t refund your full Deposit for the reasons outlined above. However, we really DO want you to be part of the Quo Family, even if you can’t travel this year! Should you choose to travel with us in the future, regardless of the fee schedule, your $500 Deposit is fully transferable to a future program year.

It’s what you do for family.

Credit Card Fees

Because they’re already paid to the bank, fees for credit card payments can not be refunded.

Additional Fees

Enrollments received after the Registration Deadline, for both Custom and Core Programs, may be subject to additional fees for increases in airfare, hotel, transportation, administration and other expenses.