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Our Partnership

Quo Vadis Travel and My360Project are both here to help people find their path in life.

That’s why we have teamed up to offer exclusive service programs built around “shoe give” experiences and meaningful, sustainable community service.

What is My360Project?

There are over 300 million children walking barefoot in the world. Healthy feet are needed to access water, food and education.

My360Project has found a way to literally help save children’s lives with well-fitting shoes that make healthier feet and a more prosperous life.

At the same time, we have developed a jobs program that empowers economically fragile individuals to help build these shoes, while building their own futures.

We have devised a way for YOU to make a massive difference in others’ lives.

You can:

  • help put life-saving shoes on children’s feet and
  • support fragile communities of workers
  • raise funds to help you or others achieve the goal of service travel!


Working individually, or working together as a travel group, you can collect tax-deductible pledges that provide My360Project shoes for vulnerable children.

  • Each pledge is $35.
  • $25 of that pledge goes to building and shipping a pair of shoes for a needy child.
  • $10 of that pledge goes toward your travel tuition (My360Project sends these funds directly to Quo).
  • BONUS: every pledge is tax deductible* for the donor! (see * below)

So, for instance, $350 in pledges provides 10 pair of shoes and $100 toward your travel tuition.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road

If working individually, your shoes will be added to a group donation and delivered to a poverty stricken community. You’ll receive photos of children wearing the shoes your pledges provide!

If you’re part of a travel group that meets an established minimum number of pledges, you’ll deliver the shoes in person to a community on your travel program. You will:

  • meet and get to know the children who will receive these shoes
  • perform a hands-on service ceremony in which you wash and care for the children’s feet
  • help them into their new shoes
  • demonstrate how the shoes are designed to expand as young feet grow, and
  • spend time playing with them as they break in their new kicks!
Imagine the impact:

Earn pledges to support shoes for children in need

Bring shoes to a community in need

Put those shoes directly on children’s feet

It’s a powerful, intimate and unforgettable experience to become so personally engaged with the ones you have worked hard to serve.

Service + Travel = Transformation

Who builds the shoes?

My360Project’s “Shoe Artisans” learn to build these shoes in at-risk communities around the globe. These craftspeople include veterans, survivors of human trafficking, aged-out youth, people in recovery, and economically challenged people in discipleship programs. Currently, artisans work in Phoenix as we expand building operations to Uganda, Baja Mexico and Boise. As My360Project expands to new regions of the world, training of new artisans expands to those areas.

* Tax-Exempt Donations

My360Project has applied to be recognized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization by the IRS. Donations made to an organization with a pending application for 501(c)(3) status will generally be deductible from your U.S. taxes if the IRS ultimately approves the organization’s application.

My360Project is a pending 501(c)(3).

The developing world needs help in getting adequate food, water, and medical aid. These are necessary causes. However, there are over 300 million children walking barefoot in the world, and healthy feet are needed to access water, food and education. We have found a way to help save a child’s life with well-fitting shoes that make healthier feet possible.

© 2017 My360project, Pending 501(c)(3)

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