Leader Testimonials

Quo’s esteemed Group Leaders are the foundation of our success.

Without our amazing and dedicated Leaders, we’d just be an incredibly well-run student travel organization with amazing destinations, phenomenal curriculum and industry-defining safety standards.

It’s our Leaders who really make the magic happen! They bring the passion & build the relationships. They open minds & set the stage for learning. They help students make meaningful connections & ensure that the powerful impressions endure once everyone returns home.

We have big love for our Leaders, and it shows.

Here’s what Leaders say about their experience with Quo:

Quo Teacher Leader - Bev Sheridan

Costa Rica

[icon name=quote-left] I cannot say enough good things about Quo Student Travel. My trip to Costa Rica was well organized, educational and fun!! My students especially loved doing the service project and hanging out with the elementary students. [icon name=quote-right]

— Bev Sheridan

Rene O'Hagan - PTPI - People to People - P2P - EF Travel

Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

[icon name=quote-left] I traveled with P2P for 9 years and enjoyed many things, but Quo has taken all the good things and added flexibility and constant feedback & support!

Quo was open to any additions to our program and they truly listen to teacher suggestions. I love the laid-back, “we are here to help” attitude! Seems more like a family than a business… I really like that!  [icon name=quote-right]

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10

– Rene O’Hagan

People to People - Quo Student Travel - PTPI - Ambassador Programs - P2P - EF Travel

Ecuador and The Galapagos

[icon name=quote-left] The team at Quo is a group of genuine Safety Experts. I want to compliment them for the quick communication which occurred immediately following a tremor while we were in Quito. They contacted us so quickly. Immediately after they verified everyone’s safety, they sent out a message to parents that was quick, informative and, most importantly, assured parents that all students were SAFE.

Because we are experienced and trained, our Leader team immediately activated Quo’s emergency procedures — including working through safety protocols with the hotel management, gaining local safety knowledge from our Travel Manager, and giving every student personal attention and hands-on safety instruction. The result was a calm and peaceful response from the group as we proceeded with the rest of our amazing program. No one became anxious or frustrated by our regular review of safety procedures from that point forward; everyone was comfortable with the interventions put in place. A great Team Quo effort! [icon name=quote-right]

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10

– Corinne Rocco

People to People, PTPI, EF Tours, Rustic Pathways

Konichiwa, Japan!

Quo will CUSTOMIZE your program!

[icon name=quote-left] I would like to thank Quo for listening to our Leader request and adding Hiroshima to our itinerary. This single addition had the greatest overall impact on students and Leaders both.

I highly recommend this itinerary if you are interested in Asia. The people of Japan are the kindest and most accommodating you will find anywhere in the world. [icon name=quote-right]

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10

– Al Stephens

Quo Student Travel - People to People - PTPI - P2P

South Africa

[icon name=quote-left] I have been on 15 student travel programs and this one was the best ever!

Our wildlife and bush camp experience was PERFECT – THE BEST – WE LOVED IT!!! Best food of all programs in 15 years. A lifetime of memories and very educational! Thank you for providing us with an exceptional experience and one of the BEST EVER travel programs! [icon name=quote-right]

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10

– Megan Stockstad

Educational Travel - Quo Student Travel - People to People

London, Paris and Rome

[icon name=quote-left] I have been traveling with students with People to People since 2003, and I am thrilled that Quo has not only picked up where they left off, but made the program even better!!!

Quo’s constant communication while on program was second-to-none as they were available via text, facebook or a phone call – at any time, day or night.

Quo builds-in flexibility while on program, which allows for multiple add-on activities throughout the trip. This gives students even more freedom to experience what they want to experience.

I would highly recommend joining the Quo team and leading an adventure of a lifetime with your own, personally-selected group of students. [icon name=quote-right]

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10

– Aaron Barnes

Student Travel Australia - Educational Travel - Quo Student Travel- P2P

All Australia

[icon name=quote-left] I cannot say enough about my experience with Quo!

Working with Quo was so personal, no waiting on hold or waiting days for a reply. Questions were answered quickly and I had contact with several people from HQ who were all friendly and knowledgeable. They went above and beyond my expectations in all areas. Quo staff even contacted us on travel days about the location of our gate and the easiest way to get there. Those personal touches make the difference and put Quo a step above the rest. [icon name=quote-right]

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10

– Jessica Anderson

Quo Student Travel - PTPI - People to People

London, Paris and Rome

[icon name=quote-left] I was VERY pleased with this trip! It ran smoothly, the food & accommodations were great and the activities were engaging.

Quo was in constant contact with us, through texting, Facebook, and phone calls whenever needed. We never felt nervous or abandoned by [Team Quo] back home. Great job!

I will definitely be recommending this program to students and other teachers. Thank you Quo for a FANTASTIC trip! #goquo! [icon name=quote-right]

Net promoter = 10

– Maggie Cummings

EF Travel - P2P - PTPI - Ambassador Programs

Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

[icon name=quote-left] I led two trips with People to People before switching to Quo. After traveling one year with Quo, it’s clear that Quo outperforms People to People in every category, whether you’re comparing food, accommodations, activities, or communication.

This trip had the best itinerary, by far, of any program I’ve seen. I don’t know how anything can top this! [icon name=quote-right]

Net Promoter = 10

– Heather O’Brien

Educational Travel - Stephanie Brookhouse - Quo Student Travel

London, Paris and Rome

[icon name=quote-left] Quo will CUSTOMIZE your program, even at the last minute.

We decided that we wanted to be able to go into Westminster Abbey, so with only a week until departure they just made arrangements for us to do it. Very excited!

My issue now… which program to choose for next summer!? [icon name=quote-right]

– Stephanie Brookhouse

Alana Bonds - Quo Student Travel - Teacher Led Travel


[icon name=quote-left]I thoroughly enjoyed all parts of the program! It was so well planned and organized, more than the two that I did in Australia with PTP in previous years. I actually think Quo made it safer.

“Dinner with an Aussie” was fabulous, food was great everywhere and Full-On was PHENOMENAL! Hand-feeding the dolphins and tobogganing down the sand dunes was amazing! Also, I had two mothers on my program and it was a huge success.

Thank you for sheltering us like a mother hen through all the travel days. I’ve had canceled and delayed flights with students in the past, and this year it felt good to know that you were keeping up with all our movements and seeing to every detail. You’ve truly gone beyond expectations!

I really appreciate the mood Quo has set. Quo trusted us as leaders and gave us the dignity we deserve. Not only are we past leaders, but we are all professionals, and often parents ourselves. Thank you for trusting in us. [icon name=quote-right]

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10

– Alana Bonds

Quo Student Travel - Jill Carter - Travel Safety - Teacher Leader

South Africa

[icon name=quote-left] This is not my first rodeo, and there’s nothing quite like making the world your classroom! Quo has made it so easy for us leaders. The itinerary feels like it was made especially for our group, and I even received personal phone calls along the way, asking my opinion about our upcoming itinerary.

Communication is one of Quo’s many strengths. If I had a question, it was immediately answered. There’s been a personal touch in everything they’ve done to make this experience the best possible adventure for us. What made this pre-travel experience all the more special is that I got to know Quo. I mean, I got to know more than the company name; I’ve gotten to know the people behind it. I’d like to personally thank everyone at Quo for helping us prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. [icon name=quote-right]

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10

– Jill Carter

Rustic Pathways - EF Tours - Envision Student Travel

Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

[icon name=quote-left] I’ve traveled internationally with JH & HS students for the past eight years with People to People, but Quo’s program was hands down the best.

Why, you ask? Because the home-office is always available: before, during and after travel. They are very personable and caring, always asking what they can do to help, and asking what could be done to make the program the absolute best for our students. They were active with our program by following along through Facebook, text and emails.

Aside from the personalized, caring service, the travel experience with Quo is top-notch, from amazing activities and excursions, to eating delicious meals – three times a day, I might add – to nice hotels and wonderful Travel Managers.

Why would you not travel with QUO? [icon name=quote-right]

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10

– Tammi Coker

Cultural Immersion - Educational Travel - People to People

London, Paris and Zurich

[icon name=quote-left] If you’re searching for an exemplary student travel organization, look no further! Quo is a wonderful educational travel organization with all of the desirable features you’re looking for. The past CEO, President and Vice President of Operations for People to People are now leading Quo. The wide range of fully customizable itineraries being offered, the leadership, recruiting and fundraising assistance available to Group Leaders, and the thorough website information are excellent in every respect. Quo offers every feature one could want in a student travel organization. Don’t hesitate to check out their amazing website and programs! [icon name=quote-right]

– Richard Irizari

Student Travel - Christian Student Travel - Evangelical Student - Republican Student - Oklahoma Student


[icon name=quote-left]So impressed with the great communication and posts from Quo before and during travel season. And I am so excited to see so much wonderful information on the Leader Tool Kit!!!  It has me ready to start enrolling for Japan. Great job!!![icon name=quote-right]

– Pamela Mindemann

Ecuador Galapagos - adventure travel - student travel

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

[icon name=quote-left] I can honestly say our Galapagos & Ecuador adventure surpassed my highest expectations! Your team did a fantastic job of planning the pacing, the activities, the meals, the service and the accommodations. And we could not ask for a better guide – not only extremely knowledgeable, but also personable, caring and thoughtful.

You have been so good to us! We enjoyed every minute of every day. The students AND Leaders had the adventure of a lifetime – just like you promised!

We want to send a shout out to Dustin and Raef, who have been AWESOME resources. They have taken so much time to share their experiences and expertise with us. We really appreciate all you do, guys! Now, we want everyone to see how amazing the Galapagos & Ecuador are, and how many unique experiences students will have with Quo! [icon name=quote-right]

– Linda Rowe

People to People Student Ambassador Program


[icon name=quote-left] Love this company! So organized and professional. So excited to travel with Quo!

The communication from every one of you was exceptional.  I felt valued and supported on a personal level, and that you all really wanted to help me with travel this year.

Thank you, Olga, for the personal contact every step of the way. [icon name=quote-right]

Net Promoter = 10

– Cynthia Sweeney

Cultural Intelligence - Global Citizen -

Costa Rica

[icon name=quote-left] Our Travel manager was absolutely amazing. Students loved the hot springs. The Sky Tram & zip lining was definitely an adrenaline rush. Surfing was amazing as well – the kids all loved it and the surf instructors were very attentive & helpful! The service project at the school was great. We played soccer, sang and the local students showed us around their school. It was really an awesome experience.

We loved Quo’s smaller group size. A huge drawback for P2P was the large groups. Leaders were able to give students more personal attention on this trip, and it made me realize how poorly Leaders are able to supervise and get to know the kids on those big trips with hot, packed busses. Quo’s smaller groups offer a tremendous learning benefit for the students, and I can assure you that we Leaders felt a huge sense of relief, too. [icon name=quote-right]

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10

– Amanda Frame

People to People - PTPI - EF Tours - Rustic Pathways

Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

[icon name=quote-left] Sightseeing activities on this program were fantastic!!! Surfing and Bondi Beach were great. Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef was amazing! We could have spent the whole day at the Port Douglas Wildlife Sanctuary. The food was great, with ample choices for all. Our Travel Manager was outstanding – he far surpassed our expectations!

I can’t wait to start recruiting for next year! Thank you for allowing me to be part of the Quo Family! [icon name=quote-right]

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10


– Barbara Guerierro

Quo Student Travel - Educational Travel - Academic Edge

London, Paris and Zurich

[icon name=quote-left] Quo provides individualized attention in all aspects of planning, preparation and while abroad.

The experiences that I gained traveling through seven countries with Quo have impacted me as a Social Studies Teacher.

Everyone should travel internationally at some point during their life, and Quo makes it genuinely enjoyable! [icon name=quote-right]

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10

– Alisha Speer

People to People - Quo Student Travel - PTPI - Ambassador Programs - P2P - EF Travel

Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

[icon name=quote-left] What an amazing journey! Excellent all around. Congratulations on a job well done…

The communication and information has been ongoing and swift, updating leaders and parents to current changes. Since they have personally been to Ecuador and The Galapagos, the information based on their experiences has been so helpful.

Thank you, Quo, for everything you have done to make this truly unforgettable! [icon name=quote-right]

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10

– Corinne Rocco

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