Leader Terms and Conditions of Travel

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Thank you for your interest in traveling with Quo. We are committed to creating uncommon, amazing travel experiences for you and the students who travel with you. We value the relationships we create with teachers, students and their families. It’s important to us that your role is clear and that what we provide to you is understood.

By reading this agreement and completing the Registration Form, you are agreeing to follow the guidelines provided by Quo. Once you complete your registration, we will run a background check, verify that you are eligible to travel with us and secure your place on the itinerary you have selected.

From there, the real fun begins. Finding great students in your school and community to join you on the adventure of a lifetime. Because we know teachers like to be informed, we’ve outlined below some important information for you.

As a Leader on a Quo program, your responsibilities are:

  • Teaching the students on your trip – yes, teaching them. It’s what you do best and that’s where we want you to focus.
  • Putting safety first – for students and for yourself. This includes discipline for students while you travel.
  • Finding great students to travel with you. 6 students and you travel free, 12 and you bring a guest!
  • Being a solid representative of your profession, your community and Quo.

Quo provides you with:

  • All inclusive travel program
  • Loads of Tools to help you recruit, rain and prepare your students for awesome outcomes
  • 24/7 during travel support and emergency response
  • Logistics coordinators in country, throughout your program and remotely here in the US
  • Basic Travel Protection Coverage (Enhanced Protection is available for a small fee – please ask us!)
  • Savvy, experienced, safety-minded Guides, Travel Managers and Motorcoach Drivers, from the moment you arrive in-country till you depart for home
  • Customer service for you and traveler families. We want to hear from you when you have questions – please ask. We’re only a phone call away.

Travel Protection Coverage – Assignment of Insurance Benefit

By indicating that I have read and accept these Terms and Conditions, I authorize Arch Insurance Company to release payment of benefits under my Travel Protection Plan directly to Quo Student Travel to cover any expenses incurred while attempting to resolve, for the benefit of the insured, challenges that arise in the course of my travel program. I understand that any reimbursement I may receive under the Travel Protection Plan would be refunded to Quo Student Travel for any costs prepaid on my behalf. It is also incumbent upon me to cooperate in the facilitation of any refund and in the processing of my Travel Protection Plan claim.

A few clarifying points:

  • It’s possible that we may use your words, your photos or video etc. to share the Quo experience. As a Leader with us, you consent to the use of your likeness for these purposes understanding their use is royalty free and in perpetuity.
  • You will receive confidential information from Quo about our programs and business as well as details about the students who travel with you- like their personal information. We require you to keep this information confidential.
  • Likewise, you share your personal information with us. We provide personal information to other companies and organizations for the purposes of scheduling your travel program.
  • In the event Quo must cancel a program, change an activity or schedule or deviate from a planned itinerary, Quo does not have any liability to you the teacher as a non paying participant
  • If a teacher acts in a manner Quo deems inappropriate, Quo reserves the right to remove the teacher from the program


Your act of clicking “Submit” in the Leader Registration process on the Quo website is deemed your electronic acceptance of these Terms and Conditions as well as your authorization to complete a background check.

By indicating that you accept these Terms and Conditions:

  • you represent that you find all statements contained herein to be true and correct,
  • you acknowledge that these policies are acceptable and pledge to abide by them, and
  • you pledge that you have read, understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Leaders are the backbone of the exceptional travel opportunities at Quo. Thank you for registering to travel with us!