Leader Benefits

We show you our Quo-preciation!

Here’s an important thing we’ve learned about our Leaders:

You’re as passionate about educational travel as we are.

We just love that about you!

That’s why we offer a teacher rewards program that shows our appreciation for your dedication and hard work.

Educational Student Travel - Teacher Led Travel
Quo Student Travel - Teacher Benefits

Leaders Deserve to be Rewarded!

Expanding your students’ world may be one of the most rewarding things you do as a teacher.

We appreciate your passion, your expertise and your commitment. Your students will thank you, and so will we.

But we want to go beyond the Thank you’s to give you rewards you can put to good use now.

That’s why Quo’s Leader Benefits Plan is designed to give you more than just a “free trip”. We want you to experience tangible rewards—rewards that say thank you while giving you incentives for going the extra mile.

1) Free and Discounted Insurance

Our Leaders are the foundation of every successful student travel experience. That’s why we appreciate our Leaders from the bottom of our hearts. That’s also why we include basic travel, medical and emergency coverage for every student and Leader. You do nothing, we just cover you.

Both new & seasoned travelers appreciate the added benefits of maximum coverage. That’s why we also offer enhanced travel, medical and emergency coverage, called the Group Advantage Plus Plan for Leaders from MH Ross/Trip Mate — and it’s available for Leaders at a deeply discounted price.

We want you free to focus less on the unknown and more on the joy of travel.

Learn more and enroll in the Leader Plus Plan at:


2) More than just a free trip

When you (that’s you, the star) recruit 6 travelers, you travel for free.

Student Travel - Leader Benefits - Teacher Rewards

That’s awesome!

But when you recruit 6 more travelers, things get really interesting.

For every 6 travelers, you select someone to travel for free:  your spouse, your child, your BFF, or another Leader, perhaps?

Student Travel - Leader Benefits - Teacher Rewards

Maybe you’ll provide a scholarship for a deserving student in your school…? Maybe you’ll divide the value among your entire Travel Group? It’s up to you!

(Depending on group size, we recommend a minimum of 3 Leaders per group.)

* Pro-Rated Travel:

Did you know that with Quo – even if your travel group does not reach the minimum of 6 enrollments – you can still travel?

That’s right. For every one of your first 6 travelers, we reduce your cost-to-travel by 1/6th. With your 6th enrollment you’re on your way for free!

Ask your Director of Leader Relations for details.

3) Individual Travel Incentive

We’ll also pay you a cash reward for every student you recruit.

Once you reach your minimum of 6 enrollments, each traveler is worth an extra $50 in your pocket. You can accept the cash, or you can donate a scholarship to a worthy traveler, or travelers.

This stipend is paid out just before your Travel Group departs.

4) Large Group Bonuses

Some Leaders really know how to build a Travel Group. Are you one of them?

Do you want to create your own custom, private group itinerary? We applaud you, and we’ll reward you for the hard work it takes to recruit your own large group.

In addition to your free travel spots, plus your individual traveler incentives, we pay:

Student Travel - Leader Benefits - Teacher Rewards
5) Leader Referrals

Quo is growing because our Leaders are so awesome, and they like to share.

We believe that our Leaders truly are the key to our success, and the success of every student who discovers the world with Quo. That’s why we encourage our Leaders to introduce other Teachers who would be equally as amazing.

When you refer Leaders who successfully complete their Travel Group, you earn a Referral Bonus.

Student Travel - Leader Benefits - Teacher Rewards
If you have questions
about any of Quo’s Leader Benefits,
please don’t hesitate to ask
your Director of Leader Relations!