Konichiwa, Japan!

Student Travel - Japan
Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun!

Quo invites you to immerse yourself in the modern and ancient cultures of Japan. This is the most exciting, comprehensive and immersive Japanese adventure available to students today.

Experience the glittering, fashionably modern city of Tokyo, known for it’s anime, bright lights, fast pace and “otherworldly” pop culture. More than any other city, Tokyo embodies both past and future. Elegantly serene old-world traditions coexist alongside the latest innovations in technology, architecture and fashion.

But Japan is so much more than just Tokyo & surrounds. With Quo, you’ll experience the diverse landscapes and rich cultures represented throughout many parts of the country. You’ll engage with locals, experience a homestay and take a bullet train to explore Hiroshima’s impactful Peace Park.

Program Highlights

Smaller group. Bigger impact.

Program length: 12 days
All Inclusive Price: from $5,995
2017 Programs Depart: July 3, 2017

**Enrollments after March 20, 2017 are subject to availability and may be subject to air add-on.**

Program Highlights:
  • Fly into Tokyo and out of Osaka
  • Hands-On Anime Workshop in a top anime studio
  • Onsen hot spring, bathing ritual huts complete with tatami mats
  • Climb to “the boundary between heaven and earth” on Mt. Fuji
  • Minpaku homestay with a Japanese family
  • Ride the Bullet Train at 200 mph
  • Hiroshima Peace Shrine


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Full Program Itinerary

Day One – Take off to the Land of the Rising Sun!
It’s a long flight to Tokyo (about 13 hours) so settle in and enjoy:

  • Delta’s inflight entertainment system rocks
  • Catch up on your summer reading
  • And don’t forget to rest – the next few days are going to be hectic!
Day Two – Arrive in a new and different world
Upon arrival in Tokyo, you’ll meet your:

  • Travel Manager
  • bus driver and
  • local support team.

Start bonding with this amazing and strange new land. A brief introduction to Tokyo and the exciting experiences that await you here. Begin discovering!

Day Three – From Edo to Tokyo
Before it was known as Tokyo, this port city was called Edo. Begin this morning by glimpsing the Japan of old:

  • Visit the Imperial Palace Plaza.
  • Famous view: see the Imperial Palace from the picturesque Nijubashi Bridge, one of the most-photographed views in Japan.
  • The Imperial Palace is the main residence of the Emperor of Japan and it stands on the site of the old Edo castle which marks the first developed area of Tokyo dating back to the Tokugawa Shogunate (1400’s).
  • You’ll wind through the historic streets toward the Asakusa Kannon Temple
  • Marvel at the picturesque Nakamise shopping arcade, one of the oldest shopping streets in all of Japan.
  • Later, you’ll delve into modern Tokyo as you explore Akihabara Electric Town
    • This is the world’s preeminent playground for electronics and all things computer.
      • It is said that any electronic device ever made can be purchased in this digital wonderland.
  • Akihabara is known as the center of Japanese Pop Culture. Here you can focus heavily on:
    • Anime
      • Manga
        • Video Gaming
Day Four – Anime! Pop!
Tokyo is ground zero for the Anime revolution. How would you like to step behind the curtain to work with industry insiders? Anime has taken the world by storm – today you’ll be part of the action.

  • Explore what it is like to be an anime producer.
  • Learn about this unique industry by attending a hands-on Anime Workshop at one of Tokyo’s most important Anime studios.

Dragon’s Eye View – Rise high among the soaring skyscrapers of this cutting-edge city.

  • Head to the Shinjuku District this afternoon to orient yourself to the city from on high.
  • Take in the magnificent views from the vantage of a special observation point on the 45th floor.
  • The view is always amazing, but if it’s a clear day, you’ll not only see the entire the city – your heart might skip a beat as you lay eyes on Mt. Fuji from this location.

Shinto Shrine – After descending from the heights, you’ll learn about Japan’s Shinto religion

  • In addition to Buddhism, Shinto (“The Way of the Gods“) is Japan’s great indigenous faith, as old as Japan itself.
  • Visit the Meiji Shrine, which is is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife Empress Shoken, the great-grandparents of the present emperor Akihito.

Harajuku – Dive deep into Japan’s spectacularly unique fashion-culture in the Harajuku District, soaking up distinctive Japanese Pop Culture.

  • Discover the Oriental Bazaar in Omotesando, Harajuku district.
  • Take time to people-watch, snap selfies and shop for souvenirs
  • Or browse the outrageously fashionable shops! This is where young Japanese girls & guys shop for the trendiest Japanese fashions.
Day Five – The Wonders of Mt. Fuji & Hakone
This morning, escape the city. Beyond Tokyo’s limits lies breathtaking scenery you’ll never forget.

  • Marvel at the traditional beauty of Japan’s countryside, teeming with golden rice paddies that reflect the sacred, towering majesty of prehistoric Mt. Fuji.
  • You’ll ascend to the heights of the “Fifth Station,” the highest point on Mt. Fuji that’s accessible by motor vehicles. This is sometimes called “the boundary between heaven and earth” because it lies above the level of the clouds.
  • Hike “The Lotus Peak” – Don your hiking shoes to enjoy a “soft trek” on Mt. Fuji. You’ll meander up and down ancient trails that have been used by countless Japanese pilgrims over the centuries.
  • Later, in an aerial cable car you’ll ride up Komagatake in Hakone National Park.

This evening, experience tradition, comfort and relaxation:

  • Check into an authentic Japanese family-style inn.
  • Then, it’s your first opportunity to dip into the inviting waters of a traditional Onsen.
  • An Onsen is a natural hot springs experience crafted around the magnificently warm waters of ancient geothermal springs.
  • Seated on tatami mats in the Onsen Hut, your local hosts will explain the complexity of the time-honored bathing ritual performed prior to soaking in the steaming water.
  • Then, settle in, relax and let the restorative waters do their thing!
Day Six/Seven/Eight – Let’s go Minpaku!
For the next three days, you’ll meet locals and become part of a Japanese family in your minpaku homestay.

  • Minpaku is a very old Japanese concept that’s become popular again throughout Japanese culture.
  • You’ll be immersed in the culture of Japan, joining a family to learn first-hand what life is like in a Japanese home.
  • It’s perfectly normal to feel some nerves as you anticipate your homestay, but for most students this is their favorite part of Japan.
  • Here, you’ll build a meaningful and enduring relationship with your hosts.

This is the absolute best way to experience and understand age old customs, while forging cross-cultural connections. Some tips:

  • Don’t forget to remove your shoes when entering the home.
  • Bring family photos to share with your hosts.
  • Taste some new foods! Your host family will have put a lot of thought into which meals you’ll enjoy discovering while you are their guest.
Day Nine – Ancient Mountain Paradise, Iiyama & Takayama
Today, you’ll realize how much you feel a part of Japan and the Japanese way of life – just in time to say “Sayonara” to your new family. Once you’ve said “Arigato! (Thank you!)” and boarded your bus, your journey becomes even more awe-inspiring.

  • Your Guide will help prepare you for all you’ll take in as you enter the Takayama area.
  • The Japanese love the beauty of their mountains, which is central to their traditional culture and lore, as well as modern pop culture.
  • Trekking is incredibly popular throughout Japan today, in particular with young Japanese people, even spawning a trend of stylish outdoor-loving women known affectionately as mountain girls or “yama girls.”
  • If the weather is clear in Takayama, you’ll have a panoramic view of mountains, trees and alpine plants you’ve only seen in paintings, photos and movies.
  • Today is a rich introduction to the distinctive natural treasures of Japan.

After a full day of exploring peaks, valleys and forests, you’ll arrive at a Minshuku; a traditional Japanese inn common to the Takayama and Gifu area.

Day Ten – From Takayama to Hiroshima on a Bullet Train
This day begins by with an unforgettable exploration of old-fashioned Japan at the city of Takayama in the Gifu prefectures.

  • Takayama has many colorful and culturally significant sites such as Kami Sannomachi town.
  • This area is known for its narrow streets and beautiful, old-fashioned wooden Japanese houses. Despite some souvenir shops, it’s easy to feel like you’ve been transported in time to a long-ago Japan.
  • You’ll shake off those feelings of nostalgia, though, and zoom back into modern Japanese life as you board a JR Shinkansen train or super-express train to Hiroshima.
  • Reaching speeds of almost 200 mph you’ll realize why this is dubbed “the bullet train.”
Day Eleven – Peace, Heritage and Contemplation
Every visitor to Japan must experience the resilience and dynamic rebirth represented in historic Hiroshima.

  • This morning you’ll struggle to grasp the the devastating personal, social and physical effects of atomic weaponry.
  • They say that the human spirit is forever elevated after a visit to Hiroshima’s powerful Peace Memorial Park.
  • Here, you’ll have ample time to reflect on the destruction of WWII. The Peace Memorial Museum is a powerful and moving reminder of the destruction left behind by the atomic bomb on August 6, 1945.
  • You’ll be invited to make a vow of peace as you create your own delicate origami paper crane to leave at Sadako’s monument.
  • Then, board a ferry to Miyajima Island, home of Itsukushima Shrine.
  • On the island, you’ll stroll to the vermilion Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Here from the sea rises the Grand Torii Gate, which looks as if it’s floating at high tide.

This magnificent, one-of-a-kind view is the ideal conclusion to a powerful day. You’ll fall asleep tonight knowing your cred as a Global Citizen has risen significantly.

Day Twelve – Say “Sayonara” to the Land of the Rising Sun
Pack up your memories and souvenirs! One last adventure awaits this morning as you board the bullet train.

  • Today you’re Osaka bound, where you’ll bid farewell to Japan and, surely, pledge to return as quickly as possible.
  • In the airport you’ll stuff your carry-on with a range of Japanese snacks that a little more than a week ago seemed to come from another planet. Today you can’t imagine living without.

Your growing collection of odd souvenirs will have some friends scratching their heads, but these treasures will help illustrate some pretty incredible stories and cement your new bragging rights!

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