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Prepare yourself for enrichment, inspiration & personal growth.

With ancient cultures dating back nearly 1,000 years BC (that’s 3,000 years ago!), Italy and Greece have some of the most fascinating histories in all of Europe.

The social diversity, ancient history and fascinating traditions you’ll encounter will present endless opportunities for cultural immersion, enduring connections and personal transformation.

For beauty, tradition, culture, history and some pretty big “A-ha!” moments, you can’t beat Italy & Greece.

Education, career and life benefits: join Quo for an awe-inspiring odyssey that will deliver academic, creative and personal advantages. This experience is ideal for students with an eye on their education, career and the global future. Gaining a personal understanding of the world beyond our borders will deliver a lifetime of advantages!

10 Reasons why this Italy & Greece adventure is so spectacular!
Adventure. Exploration. Hands-on learning. Unforgettable FUN!  What else?
  1. You’ll journey to one of the most iconic, beautiful and romantic cities on the planet, where streets are made of water and gondolas transport you back in time to the 14th century: VENICE!
  2. You’ll examine the historic streets & structures of an ancient hilltop town, where the life of a saint named Francis would inspire a modern day pope: ASSISI!
  3. You’ll enter the historic arena where emperors entertained the masses with theatrics, games and gladiators: ROMAN COLISEUM!
  4. You’ll marvel at the awesome power of nature, as you explore an ancient city devoured by a volcanic eruption: POMPEII!
  5. You’ll explore both the magnificent surface and the historic inner workings of the smallest country in the world, ruled by tradition, elegance and the Catholic Pontiff: VATICAN CITY!
  6. Then, you’ll voyage across the shimmering Mediterranean Sea to an even more ancient land: GREECE!
  7. You’ll witness the site of the first Olympic games: OLYMPIA!
  8. You’ll see a wondrous canal excavated though prehistoric rock to change navigation in the ancient world: CORINTHIAN CANAL!
  9. You’ll travel back in time as you explore the Acropolis: ATHENS.
  10. Hopefully, you won’t mind basking in the Aegean sun and swimming in the sapphire waters of the Aegean Sea, too.

Program Snap Shot

Smaller group. Bigger impact!

Program length:  15 days
All Inclusive Price:  from $4,995
Departure Date: June 6, 2017

**Enrollments after March 20, 2017 are subject to availability and may be subject to air add-on.**


  • Marvel at ancient glass-blowing techniques in Venice
  • Ride a Venetian Gondola down the incomperable Grand Canal
  • Explore the Doge’s Palace
  • Gaze upon The David, Michelangelo’s master work in Florence
  • Learn to art of crafting authentic Tuscan Pizza in Montecetini
  • Ascend the ancient hill town of Assisi and enter the Basilica of San Francisco
  • Wonder at the marvels of the Vatican and Capitoline museums in Rome
  • Witness the destruction of an ancient city in Pompeii
  • Travel by overnight ferry to Greece
  • Explore the site of the original Olympic games
  • Visit the Theatre of Epidarius
  • Stand in awe of the architectural perfection that is the Parthenon and Acropolis in Athens
  • Swim in the warm Mediterranean waters in Aegina


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Day One: Bon Voyage!
Today we depart the U.S. for Venice, Italy
Day Two: Benvenuto, Italia!
  • Afternoon arrival into Venice Airport.
  • Get ready to start making lifelong friends as our Travel Group will be met at the airport by our fun and informative Travel Manager and local staff.
  • After meeting our motor coach driver, we’ll transfer to our hotel in Mestre for the evening.
  • Before tonight’s welcome dinner, we’ll have a chance to shower, unwind and head out on a short walk around the area to stretch our legs.
  • “Welcome to Italy” Dinner!
  • Time to grab some serious shut-eye, as we have a big day planned tomorrow.
Day Three: Venezia
  • What a way to begin! This morning we’ll return to the floating city of canals, bridges & masks: Venezia!
  • We’ll marvel at the art of Murano glass blowing. Located on the Venetian island of Murano, this is a favorite activity of students each year – you’ll quickly grasp why. Even before 700 AD, Venetian artisans were blowing glass on the island of Murano! We’ll learn about each step of the modern technical and creative glass blowing process – from initial composition all the way through to final polishing. The live demonstration of the production process is fascinating to watch, as the artists transform blobs of molten glass into objects of beauty. It’s a safe bet that you’ll want to select a souvenir or two from Murano!
  • Epic Selfie Alert: No visit to Venice is complete without a ride in a Venetian gondola! While passing along the “Canal Grande” and narrow channels, we’ll see the famous Guggenheim Museum (housed in the palazzo of the eccentric, late Peggy Guggenheim), the “Fenice Theater,” and Mozart’s Venetian Residence.
  • You’ll have worked up quite an appetite by lunch.
  • This afternoon, we’ll discover the Doge’s Palace, former residence of the Doge of Venice, who was the supreme authority of the Republic of Venice. We’ll be joined by a fascinating, expert local guide for a detailed tour.
  • After dinner, we’ll again board the train for the short jaunt from Venice to Mestre, where again we’ll overnight.
Day Four: Firenza, the Duomo & David
  • This morning, we’ll bid farewell to the magic and mystery of Venice and travel to the marvelous city of Florence! 
  • After lunch, we’ll meet a captivating Florentine guide for a walking “exteriors” tour of the most famous views this Renaissance city can offer.
  • We will see Il Duomo di Firenze (the cathedral), Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio, and much, much more.
  • Afterward, we’ll visit the Accademia Gallery where the most famous of Michelangelo’s works is on display – the Statue of David.
  • This evening, you’ll become acquainted with the local Tuscan cuisine during a special lesson at an Italian “fattoria” where pizza-making is nothing short of an art form. After an oh-so-italian demonstration, let’s put your new knowledge into practice and produce your own authentic Tuscan meal! Buon appetito!
  • Overnight in beautiful Montecatini.
Day Five: Medieval Assisi
  • This morning, we’ll travel to the beautiful medieval city of Assisi, arriving in time for lunch.
  • This afternoon, we’ll discover Assisi’s ancient city, where Saint Francis was born.
    • Assisi was a spiritual and historical centre of the Middle Ages.
    • We will visit the famous Basilica of San Francesco and an expert local guide will explain the history of this significant city.
  • Then, we’ll have the unique privilege of speaking with a monk or a priest of the Franciscan Order, who will tell us about life in the monastery and its 12th century founder, Saint Francis of Assisi.
  • At dinner tonight, you’ll have a chance to practice using some of your new Italian words & phrases.
  • We’ll overnight either in Assisi or nearby Perugia.
Day Six: Roma, Eterna!
  • This morning, we travel to the Eternal City, Rome.
  • After lunch, we’ll get our first glimpses of “Roma, Eterna!” as our expert Travel Manager guides us through an overview of the city.
  • We’ll visit the Baths of Caracalla, the second largest public bath in Rome, dating back to AD 212. The bath complex consists of a series of buildings which were designed for relaxation in addition to bathing. Imagine yourself in Roman times, being pampered and discussing politics and philosophy while visiting the baths.
  • We’ll enjoy a distinctively local Roman dinner tonight, before we check into our hotel for the night.
Day Seven: Vatican City & a Roman CityQuest
  • We’ll wake this morning and hotfoot it to the world’s smallest country: Vatican City. Regardless of your personal faith status, it’s a truly powerful and memorable to experience the heart of the global Catholic Church.
    • Our visit begins with the incomparable Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. (Our visit can be tailored to what we would like to see within the museums.)
    • Following our visit to the Vatican, we’ll enter St. Peter’s Basilica, the most important church in the Catholic faith. The square in front of this Basilica is where crowds gather to await the announcement a new pope’s election.
    • St. Peter’s is also home to one of the most famous of Michelangelo’s works, “The Pieta”
  • After lunch, we’ll explore ancient and modern Rome by undertaking a City Quest. Clues will lead us through Rome’s iconic sites, including Piazza Navona, Hadrian’s Pantheon, the newly restored Trevi Fountain, and the Spanish Steps. The winners will get a special, molto squisito prize!
  • We will enjoy dinner and another overnight stay in Rome.
Day Eight: A City of Monuments & Ruins
  • Some of Rome’s most epic highlights await you this morning! The city of Rome, with its monuments, ruins and antiquities, has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our local expert will guide you through the Coliseum and the Roman Forum, enlightening you to the phenomenally rich history of these iconic sites.
  • After lunch, we’ll visit the Capitoline Museums and see masterpieces of the ancient Romans.
  • On our last night in Rome, we’ll enjoy dinner before getting a good night’s sleep in preparation for tomorrow’s travels.
Day Nine: Pompeii
  • This morning, we rise early and make our way to Pompeii. We’ll stop for lunch along the way.
  • We’ll reach the ancient city of Pompeii this afternoon.
    • Pompeii is Mount Vesuvius‘ most famous victim, and we’ll get all the fascinating details from a knowledgeable local guide.
    • When the mountain erupted in 79 AD, it rained ash and stone. The city was completely destroyed and buried beneath the debris.
    • The ruins were rediscovered in 1748 and archaeologists continue to uncover the wonders of Pompeii as excavation continues.
  • This evening we will enjoy dinner and overnight in the Bay of Naples.
Day Ten: Vesuvius & an Overnight Ferry
  • Our day begins with a visit to Mount Vesuvius, one of Europe’s few active volcanoes. This affords us views of the volcano that buried Pompeii in the eruption of 79AD. The last eruption was in 1944, but scientists believe that one day it will erupt again, presenting an ever present threat to the residents who live on the slopes of the mountain.
  • After lunch, we’ll travel the countryside of southern Italy as we journey to our last Italian destination, the port of Bari.
  • Here, we’ll board an overnight ferry to Patras, Greece. This evening, we will sleep in cabins on board the ferry as the Mediterranean Ocean rocks us to sleep.
  • Dinner on board and overnight on the ferry.
Day Eleven: Greece!
  • In the morning, we’ll arise and enjoy breakfast on the ferry.
  • We will have time to explore the decks of the ferry, switch gears from the Romans to the Greeks, and marvel at the astounding turquoise and blue of the Mediterranean Ocean.
  • Around the time we enjoy lunch on the ferry, our first glimpse of Greece will appear.
  • A few hours later, we will land at Patras and begin to immerse ourselves in Greek history and culture.
  • We’ll begin with a guided visit of the city of Olympia, where the Olympic Games first took place in 776 BC. That’s nearly 2,800 years ago!
  • As we explore ancient Olympia, you’ll see the ruins of the Temple of Zeus, as well as an incredible athletic stadium that was constructed more than 200 years BC.
  • We’ll enjoy our first Greek dinner tonight, and overnight in Olympia.
Day Twelve: Ancient Greek Engineering
  •  Today we’ll head to the Argolis region of Greece.
  • In Nafplio, our expert local guide will introduce us to the famous Theatre of Epidaurus.
    • Prepare to be amazed at the engineering achievement of ancient Greeks.
    • This theatre is an ancient marvel because of its exceptional acoustics, which permit almost perfect intelligibility of the unamplified spoken word from the stage to all 15,000 spectators, regardless of their seat.
  • After lunch, we will enjoy some free time to explore the picturesque seaport town Nafplio.
  • On our way back to Athens, we’ll have time for a short stop to admire the Corinthian Canal, an engineering marvel dating back to 1861.
    • In addition to snapping some photos of the beautiful location, our Travel Manager will instruct us in some of the astounding techniques used to construct this modern marvel.
  • Tonight, we’ll enjoy dinner and an overnight stay in Athens.
Day Thirteen: Athens, The Gods & The Acropolis
  •  Today is a bucketlist day! Many people wait their entire lives for an opportunity to see what we’ll see today.
  • The day begins with a guided tour of the majestic Acropolis and the Parthenon, which symbolize the glory of ancient Greece.
  • Afterwards we visit the Acropolis Museum.
    • A walk through its galleries is a walk through a significant segment of human history.
    • This is one of the world’s greatest masterpiece collections from the Archaic and Classical periods, featuring sculpture dating back thousands of years.
  • After lunch, we’ll continue our exploration of the city with our expert local guide. Prepare to marvel at the Temple of the Olympic Zeus and other breathtaking archaeological sites from Roman times.
  • Tonight, dinner features Athenian delights!
Day Fourteen: Greek Island Hopping
  • Greek life is inextricably linked to the sea. Today, we’ll hit the seas for a day trip to Aegina Island.
  • On the island, we’ll visit the beautiful Temple of Aphaia, built in the 5th century BC. This is considered to be the finest archaeological monument of the Saronic Gulf and the Aegean.
  • You asked for it, you got it! This afternoon, we’ll take time to unplug, wind down and enjoy some free time as we process all we’ve seen and experienced on this epic journey. We’ll head to the beach in the small town of Aegina for sun, swimming and decompression before sailing back for dinner.
Day Fifteen: Bon voyage!
  • Alas, all great adventures must come to an end, and today is the day. We’ll board our private coach this morning to be transferred to the airport. Our flight back to the US is routed via Paris, France.