Teachers: Welcome to Quo!

What could you teach in the Global Classroom?

For your students, so much of the known is yet unknown. When their minds are open, there’s an “Aha!” around every corner.

When you team up with Quo, adventure and discovery set the stage for learning and the whole world becomes their classroom.

Student Travel - Japan

Experiential Learning Changes Everything

Quo gives teachers the tools, inspiration and opportunity to deliver life-changing learning experiences in the greatest classroom ever invented.

Iconic destinations, exceptional content and relentless adventure set the stage for full-throttle learning. Students are so busy having fun that they hardly notice they’re gaining a multifaceted education that will benefit them for a lifetime.

What’s the Quo Difference?

All of us at Quo have ties to Education: family members, colleagues, mentors and friends. Our community of teachers inspires us.

For a few decades now, we’ve surrounded ourselves with the most exceptional educators we could find, and having friends like that has its benefits. Case in point, you (yes, you) have illuminated the most rewarding aspects of our shared passion for student travel.

You, dear teachers, have taught us a lot. And in turn, we have major respect for what you do and who you are. After years of seeing teachers take a lot of guff, work tirelessly for their chosen causes and literally put their lives on the line for their students, it’s time somebody stepped up and showed you some love.

Teacher-Centric Programs

That respect for educators is why we’re building Quo programs around the most precious commodity in our industry: you.

We call our program design “teacher-centric,” because everything we do is centered around you.

From the very beginning, your experience with us will be clearly different from your encounters with other student travel organizations. We’re thrilled about that, and we’re confident you’ll love the difference.

Travel Protection

Are you, or your students’ families, feeling apprehensive about the unknown? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Everyone who travels with Quo – students and Leaders alike – is covered by our Standard Plan, which provides exceptional comprehensive coverage for medical and emergency situations.

For Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) coverage, we offer the Plus Plan.

Travel Protection Plan - Quo Student Travel

For all student and adult travelers: TripAssure’s Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) protection helps protect the investment you’re making in an international travel adventure.

Click here to learn more:

Leaders, we’ve already got you covered!

Enjoy peace of mind with complimentary travel protection from TripAssure, including the same enhanced protections as the Standard Plan for students.

Click here to learn more:

Where are you going?

Straight to the top of our priority list.

It’s not a competition, but here’s a handful of reasons why you’ll love us best:

  • You’re the boss. All travel groups are teacher-recruited, which means you decide who goes and how many students you take.
  • Stand by for surprises! We are constantly looking for ways to delight and surprise our leaders and their groups throughout their Quo experience. Kind of like cracking open a fortune cookie, you have to wait to see what you’ll get. But let’s just say that if you travel with us once, you’ll never want to travel with anyone else again. And once your friends hear about your experience, they’ll knock you down on their way to get registered.
  • Unheard-of customization: when your group reaches the big-enough-to-travel size (around 24 participants), we’ll work with you to customize many aspects of your itinerary. We’ll also work with you to develop new itineraries to new destinations you’re passionate about. Has anyone ever offered you that kind of customization?
  • These aren’t your average itineraries. Our travel programs have been years-in-the-making and feature innovative and personalized activities off the beaten path, brimming with cultural authenticity.
  • Truly personalized customer service – so personalized, it’s almost scary. We make it our business to know who you are and every detail of your travels. So call, message or email us – we’d love to talk with you.
    You’re not a babysitter. You’re not a travel guide or chaperone. We’re providing an expanded in-country team to manage day-to-day details so you can do what you do best: teach. Imagine that…
  • Safety comes first. Always. If you know anything about our team’s history, you know we are deadly serious about the safety of our students and leaders. We have dedicated teams – both back home and in every country where we travel – to make sure that, whatever might happen, we’ll be there to take action and make it right.
  • We’re going to tell it to you straight. We believe we are in a partnership with our leaders, and you deserve to know what’s what. Our goal is to be part of a plain talking, honest to goodness community, where you hear, see and feel how much we appreciate you, and if we need to iron out some wrinkles, we’ll be adult and up-front about it.
  • And here’s another thing we need to get straight. When we say “All-Inclusive Pricing,” we mean it. Hotels, airfare (all of it, plus baggage fees), comprehensive travel insurance (that’s right, comprehensive), ALL activities, 3 outstanding meals a day, excellent support staff, all transportation and tickets, guides, etc. And there’s a lot of etc.

Letting Teachers Teach… And Enjoy

We want to empower you to be in the moment. Your days and nights abroad won’t be filled with managing travel minutia; instead every teacher has a dedicated team back home – and on the ground in each country – who lives and breathes logistics and service. Should the unexpected occur, we’re here to deliver a speedy solution.

Above all, we are committed to safety and earning the trust and confidence of our travelers. Rest assured, knowing our seasoned team wrote the proverbial book on student travel safety. There is no substitute for our hands-on experience when things don’t go as planned. We have your back.

It’s Your Summer. Have Fun!

Quo’s student travel programs are made possible by, and designed for, teachers who believe in the transformational power of travel. We get it – summer is your free time. So why not have some major fun and see the world with your favorite students?

Take students beyond the classroom and discover a world outside of textbooks and digital screens. Let the thrill of new cities, sites and people inspire you to have a meaningful and memorable experience alongside your students.

What’s in it for you?

So, what about flashy perks, you ask?

We’re not offering a confusing loyalty program or rewards you might qualify for in some distant future. If your travel group is on an international itinerary, we believe in a more instant gratification. That includes:

  • free travel for yourself when you enroll 6 students
  • free travel for an additional person of your choosing (yep, that includes spouses, friends, family, funding a scholarship for a student, etc.) when you enroll an additional 6 students & each 6 thereafter
  • pro-rated travel if you don’t reach the minimum of 6 enrollments
  • individual travel incentives
  • leader referral bonuses
  • free & discounted insurance

As we’ve talked with our community of teachers, none of you has asked us for a free iPad or a pile of cash for doing what you already love to do. What we have heard, again and again, is a litany of things you’re frustrated with or simply can’t get anywhere else:

  • better itineraries & content
  • smaller travel groups
  • program customization
  • more sensible flight schedules
  • more input with program development
  • better food
  • more free time
  • a slower pace
  • recruitment & fundraising support
  • more hands-on, personal service
  • more authentic cultural engagement
  • better travel experiences
  • …and more support so you can focus on teaching your students.

We listened.

We work for you. We want to offer our Leaders the things that matter most to them. That’s what being teacher-centric is all about.

Have better ideas? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Great relationships are earned through trust.

Maybe you already know who we are and what we’re all about. If not, we want a chance to get to know you, and vice-versa.

If you’re an exceptional teacher, we’re ready to earn your trust. Call, message or email us and you’ll see why you need look no further for a student travel company that focuses on you.

Click to register with Quo Student Travel today and get started on your next amazing adventure! We’ll help you reach your goals and have a fantastic, unforgettable time getting there.

So we only have one more question:

Where are you going?

Talk to us.

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