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You may have heard that Quo is known for traveling smaller group sizes.  Most companies can’t or won’t do smaller groups, even though this tends to result in a better experience.  This distinction is indicative of Quo’s overall approach.

Quo wants you to have the educational travel experience that gives you and your students the greatest possible benefit.

Raef Baard, Quo Co-Founder
Quo’s CORE Programs: proven winners, refined to the point of near-perfection.

This is why we offer CORE Programs. Our specialized experience at delivering these reliably life-changing experiences is why students and parents give us a 98% Approval Rating.

Of course, becoming a better Global Citizen, gaining an academic edge, and boosting your Cultural Intelligence isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. That’s why Quo has so enthusiastically embraced the idea of CUSTOM-ization, too.


This is the easy one.

Quo’s CORE Programs are carefully crafted from the world’s best travel experiences. We travel to these outstanding, infinitely-rewarding destinations each year.

These experience-rich programs have:

  • well-developed educational content
  • meaningful opportunities for cultural immersion, and
  • life-changing, interactive encounters with locals.

CORE Programs have limited availability and they fill up fast. If there is enough demand, we will offer a second date.


Just about everything else you can imagine falls under the heading of CUSTOM. Any time a program is designed to deviate from the standard CORE architecture, it’s considered CUSTOM.

The germ of many CUSTOM Programs begins with a simple question or request. Sometimes an individual or a group of teachers will think, while looking at a great CORE Program, “this is allllmost perfect…”

Maybe you think a trip should include an additional destination, a new experience, or it should have more days. Maybe you want the experience to cater to a specific focus, such as science, wildlife, service, language, history, the arts or a sport. Maybe your school wants any of our programs, but with a faith-based focus. Quo can accommodate all these requests.

Maybe there is a particular experience you’ve always wanted to share with your students, but that opportunity isn’t offered in any of our CORE Programs.

  • Maybe you’ve always dreamed of teaching Latin in the home of the Classics: Greece and Italy. No problem!
  • Perhaps you’ve always wanted to take your Biology students on Safari in Africa and do a little whale watching and shark diving, too. We can do that!
  • Maybe your Drama Department wants to offer an immersive theatrical arts experience in London’s West End, with interactive visits to top performing arts schools like the BRIT and LAMDA, plus Shakespearian training with the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Company and some hands-on workshops led by working professionals. Oh, and you say you want to attend a different live performance every night? We’ve gotcha covered!
  • Perhaps your private school has been looking for a hands-on learning experience focused on Eastern European Jewish History and the Holocaust, or you want to take a group to the Holy Land and Jordan. Consider it done!
  • Have you had a group of parents so impressed with their students’ experience that now they want a similar program of their own? Well, did you know that Quo travels adults, too? We say YES!

Just about anything you can dream, we can deliver. And if your ideal experience is out of our wheelhouse, we’ll help you find the qualified experts who can deliver.

It’s important to know that, with Quo, you have a true partner who is invested in making sure that your travel experience delivers perfectly for you.


What factors go into pricing?

Quo programs are typically all-inclusive. The cost of your specific program will depend on many factors, such as:

  • destination(s)
  • time of year
  • duration
  • activities included
  • accommodations
  • flights/passages required
  • availability of transportation
  • lead-time of booking
  • entrance fees & tickets
  • meals
  • number of Leaders/non-paying travelers
  • number of specialty Guides
  • number of Travel Managers, and
  • total number of participants traveling.
Does Group Size Matter?

CUSTOM groups always require a minimum number of participants to travel.

Depending on where you’re going, minimum group size varies.  Minimums are set according to price breaks available for group rates.

Smaller groups can travel, but costs will be higher. Larger groups may see per-person cost savings.

Below is a general, non-binding guideline for group minimums – each itinerary must be priced to establish actual minimum group size.

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If you know you want to travel but don’t have a specific destination in mind, Team Quo is here to help.

We have lots of sample itineraries that could lay the foundation of the adventure of a lifetime.

Click the regions below for links to sample Custom Programs that might give you some ideas and feed your wanderlust!

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