Quo Custom Library – Europe!

For Americans, Europe is a fantastic place to develop a sense of global awareness.

There’s little harm in acknowledging that Europe is widely regarded as the seat of Western Civilization and Culture. Much of American society’s foundation is built on European precedents.

American history transforms into something much richer and more poignant when students’ perspective is informed by a personal connection to the history of Europe. Even if it’s true that Asia, Africa and South America will play a more defining role in today’s students’ future, Europe tells us where we have been.

A Quo adventure in Europe is rooted in gaining a big-picture understanding of the past in a way that could never happen in textbooks alone.

By no means is Europe more historic than other continents, but its history is incredibly well-preserved, surprisingly accessible and, with Quo’s phenomenal Leaders and expert guides, so well presented.

Let’s join forces and create a program that immerses students in the unparalleled, living museum of history that is a Custom Quo European Adventure.

People to People Student Travel - Europe Travel For Students

Europe: Custom Crafted Examples

United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland

Countries: Northern Ireland, Ireland, England, Wales
Length: 14 Days

Highlights: London’s famous West End, The Tower of London, The Globe Theater, The Book of Kells, Community home dinner, Irish dance, Stratford Upon Avon, Blarney Castle, Dublinia, The Conflict in Northern Ireland


LONDON: Drama & Theatrical Arts

Countries: England
Length: 10 days

Highlights: Considering a career in the theatre? Start here. Five Professional Performances, including a smash West End show, The BRIT School, LAMDA, National Theatre & Shakespeare’s Globe, Technical & Backstage Workshops, including Make-Up & Costuming, “Drama Dinner” with Production Company Pros, Stratford Upon Avon, Royal Shakespeare & Swan Theatres, London Eye, Tate Modern, Tower of London & Cruise on the River Thames

Student Travel - Globe Theatre London - Drama Camp

Italy and Greece

Countries: Italy and Greece
Length: 14 days

Highlights: An utterly transformative and educational adventure in the birthplace of the Classics. Venice, Florence, Statue of David, Assisi, Tuscany, Rome, Vatican, Coliseum, Roman Forum, Pompeii, Vesuvius, Overnight Ferry to Greece, Olympia, Athens, Greek Islands.

Italy travel program

Wizards, Witches and Wands!

Countries: England, Scotland and Wales
Length: 16-20 days

Highlights: Way more than just a “Harry Potter Program,” although you’ll get plenty of wonderful wizarding adventure among some of the most famous sites from the books and films. You’ll also explore the myths and legends of the UK, such as Robin Hood, the Druids of Stonehenge and King Arthur & Camelot. You’ll learn a lot while you’re having fun and your imagination is lit up like a wand casting a patronus charm!


15 Days in the United Kingdom

Countries: England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales
Length: 15 Days

Highlights: Tower of London and West End Show, Authentic encounter with a genuine Scottish Clansman, Learn about “The Troubles” in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Experience magical Ring of Kerry, Kiss the Blarney Stone, Authentic Irish Ceili

Highlander in scotland

Jewish Heritage and Holocaust Remembrance

Countries Visited: Poland and Czech Republic
Length: 11 Days

Highlights:  City Tour of Warsaw, Polin Museum with history of the Polish Jews, National Theatre Warsaw, Tour Warsaw Ghetto, Guided Tour of Krakow, Galicia Museum in Krakow, Full Day at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Oskar Schindler’s Factory, Prague City Tour, Black Light Theater in Prague


A Culinary Experience – from Paris to Rome

Countries visited: France and Italy
Length: 12 Delicioso Days

Highlights: Le Cordon Bleu cooking school, hands-on introduction to a French fromagerie, Chef’s Master Class on the Cote d’Azur, Pizza making lesson in Italy, Seafood sourcing & preparation in Florence, Pasta making lesson in Rome… Molto Bene!