Baja, Mexico: Racing to Serve!

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You’re Invited To Serve!

As athletes, clubs and teams of all descriptions come to Vicente Guerrero to race next March, My360Project is proud to invite you to blend the competition with an unforgettable service opportunity.

Put your faith, love and energy into action – you will make a profound difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Loaded with meaningful, hands-on interactions, this experience delivers a life-changing impact for each participant – and all those you’ll serve along the way.

Join us for sport, fellowship and service in Baja, Mexico!

Program Snap Shot

Small group. Massive impact.

Program length: 5 days
All Inclusive Price: from $1,595
Dates: March, 2020

Group Size:  20 Racers

Program price varies by originating airport.

  • Sustainable Service Focus
  • Door of Faith: Orphanage & Community Medical Center
  • Teaching Local Children – service learning & life skills
  • Shoe Building with My360 Artisans
  • Unforgettable “Shoe Give” Experiences
  • Hope Village & Student Reach – saving women’s & children’s lives
  • House Building – help families build a future, alongside local craftsmen
  • True Community Service – where the need is deepest, work side-by-side with locals building a better life for themselves
  • Eternal Anchor & Equestrian Therapy – phenomenal outreach to special needs youth
  • Authentic Mexican Cooking Class – local ingredients, traditional techniques, generational recipes
  • Local Artisan’s Market
  • Work Hard, then Enjoy Some Time Reflecting at the Beach
  • Safe, Comfortable and Welcoming Guesthouse Accommodations
  • Excellent, Delicious, Fresh & Healthy Meals
  • Breathtaking Oceanside Days & Nights

“Quo” is Latin for Where?

Quo is short for “Quo Vadis?” which translates to Where are you going?

This phrase defines our mission to help people discover and connect with their path, through phenomenal travel experiences and service to others.

A Journey In Search of Hidden Treasure

Join us for an opportunity to serve men, women and children in need. It’s good for your heart, and what you discover just might transform your life.

Though short in duration, the impact will last a lifetime. You’ll not only do good for others, you’ll do yourself a world of good, too, and this experience will continue to resonate throughout your life.

Outward Focus, Inward Connection

By focusing outwardly on the experience of those in need, you’ll reconnect with and strengthen your inward experience.

Safe, Beautiful and Welcoming

Vincente Guerrero is a uniquely remote and picturesque location – miles from bustling cities, transportation corridors and the nightly news.

Perhaps best of all, it’s a million miles from the lives we enjoy living each day. This is an ideal location to breathe, center and hit reset on our lives.


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Full Program Itinerary

Day One:
  • Direct morning flight to San Diego
  • Arrive in San Diego, CA and begin our drive across the border
  • Welcome lunch at La Fonda—with its breathtaking ocean views and acclaimed cuisine, guests here come from all around the world to enjoy
  • Tour “Door of Faith”: a one-of-a-kind orphanage in La Mision, BC, which strives to create a family atmosphere for each child entrusted to them. Door of Faith provides an education and life-skills, while encouraging children to learn through service—creating healthy and productive members of society.
  • Drive to Vicente Guerrero
  • Arrive at the My360 guest house and meet Gloria, My360 Project Manager for Mexico
  • Receive welcome tour and guest house information
  • Become acquainted with the My360 Mexican build site—where shoes are hand-made by local artisans to be shipped to needy children world-wide
  • Group welcome dinner at the My360 Guest house
  • Shoe assembly with local My360 artisans
  • Evening reflection
Day Two:
  • Breakfast and coffee at guest house
  • Morning reflection
  • Continue assembling shoes
  • Arrive at Hope Village, run by Student Reach. Here, you will have the opportunity to serve women and children—who would otherwise be living in compromised and unsafe situations—by assisting with a home construction and clean-up project
  • Lunch break: delicious packed lunch brought from the kitchens at My360 guest house
  • After we complete our work session, we’ll meet with some of the local families we’ve served
  • SHOE GIVE in Zapata!
  • Next we’ll tour this rural and impoverished area—here we’ll observe first-hand the typical the living conditions for this region, demonstrating how those we just served would be living if not for the sustainable assistance provided by Student Reach and other similar area organizations
  • Arrive back at house to clean up/shower
  • Take part in a traditional Mexican cooking class and prepare dinner alongside Gloria
  • Evening reflection
Day Three:
  • Breakfast and coffee at guest house
  • Morning refection
  • Experience a local, authentic weekly artisan’s market. Enjoy meeting with and learning from local vendors, and even find a treasure to bring home—to remind you of these impactful and happy days in Vicente Guerrero
  • Depart for Eternal Anchor—a home, school and community outreach program for children and adults with special needs in rural Baja. Eternal Anchor empowers families through education and training
  • Meet with Eternal Anchor’s founders, meet other volunteers and receive service assignments
  • After service completion, dig into lunch at La Pasadita—an amazing & authentic fish taco stand, enjoy a world-class lunch by the sea
  • Spend the afternoon at Eternal Anchor’s therapeutic Equestrian Center, learn about and assist with their outreach and care programs
  • Depart for guest house to clean up/shower
  • Dinner out at Don Diego’s Steak House
  • Evening reflection
Day Four:
  • Breakfast and coffee at guest house
  • Morning reflection
  • Complete shoe assembly
  • Arrive at a migrant camp for another unforgettable SHOE GIVE and community building experience—enjoy time with the children in song and dance after washing feet and gifting shoes
  • Depart and head to lunch at Molino Viejo—est. in 1887, this renowned location is famous for its history as a pirates’ cove! Marvel at the scenery, absorb the local lore and imagine the stories these walls have seen unfold, as you dine on truly excellent, fresh & local seafood
  • After lunch, we’ll enjoy some free time on a picturesque beach known for it’s incredible sand and ever-moving dunes
  • Grab a late-afternoon treat at The Chocolate Coffee Cafe
  • Arrive back at the guest house—clean up/shower
  • Farewell dinner at an authentic and memorable local taco restaurant
  • Evening reflection
Day Five:
  • Breakfast at guest house
  • Early departure for San Diego
  • Direct afternoon flight