Heart of Canada

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Join Quo’s expedition into diverse North American culture & history.

You might think the most unforgettable highlight of this thrilling 12-day experience for 5th-9th graders is one of the world’s greatest natural wonders: Niagara Falls.

Of course, it’s astonishing! But this entire, magnificent adventure is jam-packed with exciting & memorable moments.

Follow in the footsteps of the First Nations people, the brave and bold early explorers, Canada’s founding fathers, and of course the Hurons.

In Quebec, study the history of French culture in Canada and the profound influence it has had on this great nation.

Explore modern cities and embrace diverse cultures as immersion experiences bring history to life!

Looking for adventure? This journey is PACKED WITH ADVENTURE!

Hiking, wildlife, a haunted walk, boating to the falls, and Space Camp are all included in this amazing program.

Discover wonders and thrills in the heart of Canada!

Where are You Going?

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Smaller group. Bigger impact.

Program length: 12 days
All Inclusive Price: from $3,495
Departure Dates: Week of June 24, 2019

Minimum Group:  30 Paying Travelers

Program priced from Leader’s departure airport.

  • Niagara Falls by luxury catamaran
  • Montreal & Toronto
  • Poutine & traditional Canadian delicacies
  • Overnight space camp
  • Learn practical French phrases
  • Mock battle experience: the Plains of Abraham
  • Hands-on instruction: traditional metal embossing
  • “Syrup immersion” in the maple forest
  • Ottawa & Canada’s Government: engage with a member of Parliament
  • Viking history
  • Overnight in a decommissioned prison!
  • Join the Queen’s Army at Fort Henry
  • Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Soar to 1,800+ feet atop CN Tower
  • Sail the 3-masted Kajama
  • Hands-on conservation at Wye Marsh Wildlife Center
  • Birds of prey demonstration
  • First Nations longhouse experience

Quo - People to People - P2P - PTPI - EF Tours
Day One: Depart for Canada

Fly from your home airport to Montreal, Quebec, where you will meet your local guide.

  • You’ll exchange currency, and transfer to your hotel.
  • This evening you’ll enjoy a welcome dinner and a short briefing to set the stage for all the adventure and discovery that’s headed in your direction!
Day Two: Welcome to Montreal!

Montreal gets its name from its location. This city sits at the foot of Mt. Royal. If you say it with a bit of French inflection, you can start to hear how “Mount Royal” became “Montreal.”

  • This morning visit the massive St. Joseph’s Oratory and learn about the recently canonized Saint Andre.
  • Hike to the top of Mount Royal for a fantastic view of the city.
  • For lunch, experience one of Canada’s best-loved, traditional meals: Poutine! This gooey mixture of French fries, fresh cheese curds and brown gravy will have you coming back for more!
  • Visit and learn the history of the Notre-Dame Basilica, with magnificent gothic revival architecture that is among the most dramatic in the world.
  • Experience the heritage, history, architecture, and culture of Old Montreal during a leisurely stroll through the beautiful expanses and historic streets.
  • Next stop: the stars! Become an astronaut as you experience actual space simulators and overnight in your own space pod at Laval’s Cosmodome, an interactive space camp.
Day Three: Quebec City

Graduate from your astronaut training this morning and travel to Quebec City. 

  • Founded in 1608, Quebec City is the oldest city in Canada. Quebec City is considered by many to be “the Europe of North America.”
  • Experience Odyssey: a captivating virtual journey covering 400 years, where you will discover the importance of the Plains of Abraham in Canada’s history.
  • Explore the Citadelle of Quebec, a military installation, which forms part of the Fortifications of Quebec, a fortress located in the Historic District of Old Quebec.
  • Visit Upper and Lower Town, which includes Dufferin Terrace, with a brief visit in the lobby of Château Frontenac, a stunning hotel with castle-like architecture and turrets.
Day Four: Battle, History & Hands-On Craftsmanship
  • This morning, under the watchful command of General Wolfe and General Montcalm, you will partake in a mock battle of the historic Plains of Abraham, a pivotal battle in 1759 that was fought between the British Army and Navy, and the French Army.
  • This afternoon learn the art of metal “Repoussé” (embossing).
    • Each student will create his or her own bronze art piece to take home, using the techniques shared by the Gilles family, the last family in North America to still practice the ancient method of Bronze embossing.
  • Enjoy time in the Petit Champlain, the oldest commercial district in North America, with its history dating back to the 1600’s.
Day Five: The Maple Leaf Life

After breakfast, head west to Rigaud, Quebec.

Spend the remainder of the day with Pierre Faucher, the owner and Director of the Sucrerie de la Montagne. In an immersive experience on 120 acres of picturesque maple forest, you’ll learn how maple syrup is made.

Make your own bread using a traditional Québécois recipe, and then enjoy your creation.

Tonight, enjoy some singing and dancing followed by Pierre’s “sugaring off” meal:

  • country-style sausages, country crusty bread, wood fired baked beans & mashed potatoes
  • souffléed omelet, maple-glazed ham, mountaineer’s pea soup, and tourtière (meat pie)
  • top it all off with homemade fruit ketchup & marinades


Day Six: Ottawa – Canada’s National Capital

In 1857, Queen Victoria chose Ottawa to be the capital of Canada.

The name Ottawa comes from the Algonquin word adawe – which means “to trade.”

Today you will learn about Canada’s governmental process.

  • Quo gives you access to people and places you would otherwise not have the opportunity to encounter on your own.
  • Today, you will take part in an exclusive-access meeting with a current or former Member of Parliament. This unique opportunity allows you to compare and contrast the Canadian and American Constitutions, and you’ll discuss the long-standing political relationship Canada enjoys with the U.S.
  • Then we’ll head across the river to Hull, Quebec, and visit the massive Museum of History. Through interactive displays you will learn Canadian history, dating back to North America’s first Europeans—the Vikings.
  • Immerse yourself in Canadian history when you experience Rideau Canal, initially built in the 1830’s as a strategic confrontation precaution, in case of war with the United States. Today, the canal is a major waterway for commerce between the Ottawa River and Lake Ontario.
  • Tonight, step into your barred jail cell at the Carlton County Gaol for a good night’s sleep. This one-of-a-kind accommodation was an authentic prison until the mid-1970’s. Don’t worry, there is no lockdown included, but you’ll never forget the night you slept in prison!
Day Seven: Kingston & Fort Henry

Nestled where the Rideau Canal and St. Lawrence River meet Lake Ontario, Kingston is a city built on military heritage and history.

Learn what life was like in the mid-19th century as a Canadian soldier at Fort Henry during a unique overnight stay in the barracks.

  • Fort Henry was recently awarded UNESCO World Heritage status.
  • Witness the spectacular architecture of the fort up close, with the mighty guns lining its walls, ready to “fire” upon approaching enemy ships.

By taking the Queens’ shilling, you elect to become part of the British army. Be prepared to learn:

  • to obey without hesitation,
  • all about the surroundings of your new posting,
  • how things work in the army and
  • how to keep your barrack room clean.

Attend the 1867 schoolroom, visit the new state of the art Discovery Centre and always keep an alert watch out for the enemy.

You will also dress the part in soldiers uniforms and officers will put you through your paces with battle drills on the Parade Square.

Day Eight: Toronto
Toronto is Canada’s largest city and the fifth largest city in North America, after Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

  • Toronto is home to the largest street in the world, Yonge Street, starting on the lakeshore in Toronto and stretching to the Minnesota border (over 1,100 miles).
  • Today you go vertical—way vertical!—as you visit Toronto’s skyline giant, the CN Tower. At a towering 1,815 feet (equivalent to a 180-story building), it is the tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere. Are you brave enough to LOOK DOWN?
  • Have fun learning about Canada’s favorite game at the Hockey Hall of Fame, which is both a museum and showcase for the sport’s top athletes. This exciting exposition holds exhibits including records, memorabilia, and of course the Stanley Cup.
  • Then, we’ll board the three-masted Kajama, dubbed “the finest restored ship on the Great Lakes,” for a unique perspective on the harbor.
  • Visit the Distillery District, an internationally acclaimed pedestrian-only village featuring more than 70 cultural and retail establishments.

Day Nine: Wetlands, Woodlands & Wildlife

Welcome to Midland, Ontario!

  • Located on the banks of Lake Huron, Midland is home to the majestic trumpeter swan. The trumpeter swan is considered an important symbol of Midland and a large statue of one has been proudly erected by the harbor.
  • Today we’ll experience the wonders of nature at the Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre, which includes an amphibian and reptile display hall, an observation tower, and boardwalks.
  • We will engage with a naturalist who will explain the Centre’s mission to conserve wetlands, woodlands, and wildlife.
  • During this very full, exciting and engaging day, we’ll take part in the numerous wonderful activities that “the Wye” offers, which includes canoeing and a fascinating birds of prey demonstration!

Day Ten: First Nations & Settlers

You will spend today at Sainte Marie among the Hurons in Midland, where we’ll partake in First Nations studies and experience what life was like for the earliest Canadian pioneers.

  • Hear storytelling in the inspirational Longhouse, the traditional home of the Huron Wendat people.
  • Play lacrosse and other native First Nations games.
  • Write with quill pens.
  • See a life-saving fire-starter demonstration.
  • Sample 17th-century style cornbread in the historic cookhouse.

Day Eleven: Niagara Falls!

  • Soak in the excitement as you explore the roar of Niagara Falls aboard the Hornblower, a luxury catamaran boat taking visitors through the foaming waters beneath the falls.
  • Your exploration of the mighty Niagara Falls continues at the Table Rock Welcome Centre with a front row seat to the thundering water rushing over the brink of Horseshoe Falls.
  • This evening, visit Clifton Hill promenade, a dazzling and fun street full of neon and blinking lights, and a great place to pick up a few final souvenirs.

Day Twelve: Homeward Bound

  • This morning we will board our motor coach to Toronto’s Pearson Airport.
  • On our flight home, we’ll reflect on our journey, our new understanding of Canadian culture, and our expanded horizons as a more global citizen.
  • When our families say “Welcome home!” we know that’s our cue to let the bragging begin!