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Quo invites you to experience our unique approach to immersive cultural & educational travel.

Set yourself on the path to success in education, career and life with a transformative Quo adventure.

We’re introducing some new favorites & innovating with a fresh perspective on many of our best-loved experiences.

We blend iconic experiences & dream destinations with unique access to local flavors & unforgettable people.

Learn more about the world – and yourself – than you ever dreamed possible.

Join Quo for the adventure of a lifetime.

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So… where are you going?

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Quo’s CORE Programs – 2019

Individual Leaders

If you’re an individual Leader

joining other Leaders from across the nation to form a complete travel group,

Quo’s CORE programs are for you.

These programs are carefully crafted from the world’s best travel experiences.

Typically, Travel Groups of 6 travelers + 1 Leader

join with other similarly-sized groups from around the nation

to explore the world one unforgettable experience at a time.

Education Travel - Quo Student Travel - Vietnam - Cambodia

Join Quo for a service & culture-rich adventure in Vietnam & Cambodia. From ancient temples to modern cities. From remnants of war to a peaceful society. Join students at a floating school and participate in hands-on service projects with locals. Pure inspiration to fuel a life-long passion for travel and service!


Adventure Travel - Quo Student Travel

The best, most exciting and highest-impact Costa Rica program available anywhere! Embrace adventure, language immersion, science and a deep dive into all that is Pura Vida. Experience tropical rain forests, wildlife, zip-lines, surfing, waterfall rappelling, whitewater rafting, horseback riding & beautiful beaches! 


Educational Travel - Quo Student Travel - Galapagos

Have the spirit of an explorer? This equatorial expedition starts with volcanic highlands, hot springs & the “Throat of Fire.” Next up: the Amazon Rainforest, teeming with life, adventure & indigenous culture. Then, the Galapagos Islands, featuring world-class science, wildlife, wonder and hands-on learning. You won’t want to come home!



With ancient cultures dating back nearly 3,000 years, Italy and Greece have some of the most fascinating histories in all of Europe. The social diversity, ancient history and fascinating traditions you’ll encounter will present endless opportunities for cultural immersion, enduring connections and personal transformation. This experience is ideal for students with an eye on their education, career & the global future.



Considering a life in the theatre? Immerse yourself in a new world of excitement, creativity and culture by exploring New York and Broadway theater arts! EXPERIENCE: Join Quo for powerful hands-on workshops led by top working Broadway professionals. TRADITION: Gain behinds-the-scenes access at some of New York’s greatest theaters. PERFORMANCE: See three of the hottest shows on Broadway. CITY: Stay in the heart of Manhattan and see New York’s most iconic attractions. DISCOVER: Find your path and learn how things really work at the epicenter of live theater! ALL-INCLUSIVE: Air + Hotel + Meals + Shows + Attractions + Workshops + Transportation + Guides + Tips + Security + Learning + Experience + Growth + Unforgettable Fun!


Educational Travel - South Africa - Quo Student Travel

Can you imagine being on a genuine wildlife safari? What do you know about the legacy of Nelson Mandela and Apartheid? Curious about the unique cultural diversity of the “Rainbow Nation?” How cool would it be to get to know your South African peers? And did we mention the wildlife? This is Africa at its very finest.


Educational Tour Washington DC - People to People - P2P - Ambassadors - Ambassador Programs - PTPI

Discover America for yourself. In remarkably vibrant and uniquely instructive ways, world history, human history and American history all come to life in Washington, D.C.  America’s capital city is the perfect place for middle school students to begin integrating classroom lessons, current events and their own personal story.


Quo’s CUSTOM Itineraries – 2019

If you have a complete travel group on your own
(typically 15-25 travelers)
a Quo CUSTOM program might be right for you.
  • Designed by schools or Leaders to match curriculum or interests, most CUSTOM programs have limited access.
  • With a minimum 15-25 travelers, they are sometimes exclusive to students from a particular school or group.
  • CUSTOM Leaders decide if they want a specific focus: Language, Science or Service, perhaps?
If you’re interested in a CUSTOM Program, call 877-472-3301

or complete an Itinerary Interest Form!

• • • CUSTOM itineraries automatically include special pricing, thus do not qualify for Early Enrollment Discounts or Leader Rewards. • • •

Quo Student Travel - People to People - EF Tours

Quo’s exceptionally active expedition to Iceland is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Rich in science, culture & adventure, it’s so much fun you’ll hardly notice all you’re learning! Rugged beauty, geologic wonders & indigenous wildlife. Explore black sand beaches, geysers, and geothermal lagoons. Meet warm locals & discover icy glaciers!


Where There Be Dragons - Quo Student Travel - EF Tours - PTPI

Have an eye on your education, career & the global future? Join Quo for a 13-day adventure into the heart of China. Compare 3,000 years of Chinese history with today’s rapidly-changing country. Meet Chinese students and forge friendships during a homestay. Gain a personal understanding of China now for a lifetime of advantages!


EF Tours - People to People - P2P - PTPI - Ambassador Programs

Ecuador is the perfect destination! You’ll discover some of the world’s best science, language, culture and service learning experiences in this one country. Students love that it’s packed from top to bottom with unforgettable adventure. The incomparable volcanic highlands offer ancient & colorful cultures mixed with stunning colonial history, art & architecture. Jaw-dropping geothermal hot springs turn up the fun. The awesome power of active volcanoes fascinates every adventurer. The misty Cloud Forest boasts breathtaking biological & ecological diversity, and our expert biologist & naturalist guides take you to the heart of it all. The Amazon lowlands promise astonishing wildlife encounters, hands-on experiences with indigenous cultures, and a rainforest experience teeming with life, color, discovery and adventure!


Quo Italy Greece - Venice

This phenomenal 15-day custom Quo adventure takes you to Venice, Florence, Assisi, Rome, Naples, Olympia and Athens! You’ll explore the engaging culture, fascinating history and timeless beauty of two of the greatest civilizations in human history.


People to People - PTPI - P2P - Peru

An adventure in Peru is on everyone’s bucket list, and this itinerary goes way beyond just seeing Machu Picchu. Quo packs in all the adventure, culture, creativity, natural wonder, service and language-learning opportunities, so you can get the very most from your experience! This program will leave every traveler feeling deeply connected with the ancient, mystical and historical Peru as well the vibrant and modern nation emerging today. From the misty heights of the Sacred Valley to the bustling streets of Lima and Cuzco, you will fall in love with the people and places of Peru!


Student Travel to Peru - Machu Picchu - Educational Travel

Join this epic journey from the Highlands & Volcanoes of Ecuador, through the Cloud Forest & Amazon Jungle, to the Galapagos Islands, then Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca. A truly extraordinary adventure – you’ll encounter incredible cultural immersion, hands-on service with locals, intensive scientific learning, incomparable wildlife experiences & bucket list-worthy attractions!


API - People to People - P2P - PTPI - Ambassador Programs

Lace up your hiking boots and get ready to trek through the Pacific Northwest! Experience iconic Seattle structures, see maritime science in action, walk through the history of native tribal culture, and immerse yourself in this diverse cultural melting pot! How about an overnight STEM camp at Mt. St. Helens? Hands-on agriculture, history, and geology mingle with fly fishing, butter churning, kayaking, hiking and more adventures. Don’t miss out!


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