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Where are you going?

The word Quo means “where” in Latin. Quo Vadis means “where are you going?” When you’re a student, could there be a bigger question?

We founded Quo Student Travel to help you find your answer.

When students see the world, make new connections and experience new cultures, it’s more than an education. They discover new aspects of themselves. They find a new appreciation for what they have and for what they still have to learn.

When students travel, their lives – and the lives of everyone around them – change for the better. And the better their experience, the better the outcome.


For safety, quality, value and sheer benefit, you simply cannot find a better educational travel experience than Quo Student Travel.

Come explore the world with Quo. We’ll help you find your path and answer the big question: Where are you going?

What is Quo?

In every respect, setting a higher standard.

From our very first conversation, the team at Quo set out to shatter the status quo of cookie-cutter student travel. And we’re ready to take flight.

The Quo approach is simple:

  • bring together seasoned experts in the student travel industry,
  • to bring back personalized service
  • and take our travelers way beyond the attractions.

For decades, our team has built enduring relationships with best-in-class travel partners around the world. In fact, we think of them more as our extended global family. We’re incredibly excited to share that finely honed expertise with our community of leaders, students and their families.


We are family.

Our passionate team of worldly travelers is here to guide a new generation. We are dedicated to providing experiences that are safe, educational, unique, and ridiculously fun. We care deeply about our community of teachers and students and the quality of every personal experience.

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Student Travel - Costa Rica Student Travel - Quo Student Travel

This is no field trip.

Travel is another way of saying “experiential learning.” It can take you places far beyond foreign destinations. It can lead you to college majors and career paths. It can help shape your worldview and storytelling skills. It can give you confidence to take on anything.


Where are you going?

We feel “Where are you going?” is a pretty big question. It’s not just about the exciting and adventurous destinations we explore with our community of educators, leaders and travel aficionados. It’s also about finding your path, gaining insights about yourself & how you fit into the world. It’s about clarifying your perspective on your life’s mission. In all of these ways, we exist to help you find answers to these important questions.

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Student Travel - Quo Travel - Paris Student Trave

“Jeff, Peg, Dustin and Raef know exactly what it takes to produce quality, content-rich programs, with ‘cultural & people interactions’ that leave the traveler forever changed.”

~ Winterbourne Coldfield, Charleston, SC ~

Experienced Leaders Agree

Quo Student Travel - Switzerland Adventure - Quo Travel
Safety Experts

The team at Quo Student Travel has decades of proven experience, and they designed the safety protocols that set the standard for the entire student travel industry. Their track record for safety & extraordinary program design – and their deep respect for and appreciation of educators – makes them the best qualified educational travel experts, period.

Student Travel - South Africa Safari - Elephant Crossing
Unparalleled Programs

I’m proud to be part of the Quo family and their exceptional educational travel programs. Students and families will enjoy the most exciting, fun and beneficial experiences available anywhere. Every teacher will be clamoring to get on board once they hear about the new standard Quo is setting for excellence.

I'm really excited by what Quo Student Travel represents. As a 26 year Leader with People to People Ambassadors, I've been traveling on programs designed by this team long enough to know what truly excellent, mission-driven student travel looks like. I also see how the student travel business has changed dramatically over the past few years. I affectionately recall how the old P2P programs felt like a privilege; we did things the right way and we were making a difference. Together, it felt like we were all part of a big family. When things began changing, and then when the company eventually closed, many of us 'lifers' felt like we were losing family members. Now, I feel like the band is back together again and we're getting back to our roots. Quo will be a more intimate community, more personal, more focused on creating life-changing experiences. They are taking us back to the way things were supposed to be all along. Quo will embody what I think of as the spirit of student travel's 'original intent,' back when being on program was a joy. I have said that P2P may have been the vessel that brought us all together, but it's not what will keep us together. It's up to us as a community of Leaders to join in this effort to keep the very best student travel programs alive, where we are all learning, enjoying and benefitting from the student travel experience together.

Bob Adams, Birmingham AL

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