Vietnam and Cambodia – A Faith Based Journey

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Join Seattle Prep’s Michael Kelly for a deeply impactful adventure in Vietnam and Cambodia, offering an incredible spectrum of experiences.

  • From war to peace.
  • From city to jungle.
  • From palaces to pagodas.
  • From modern cathedrals to ancient temples.
  • From ornate French architecture to an elaborately-engineered network of tunnels.
  • From faith to service and back again.

This is a powerful experience that builds compassionate leaders and expands world views. This experience strengthens faith and creates better global citizens.

Program Snap Shot

 Smaller Group. Bigger Impact!

Program length:  12 days
2017 All Inclusive Price:  from $4,995
Departure Date:  July 12, 2017
Departs from:  Seattle WA (SEA-TAC)

**Enrollments after March 20, 2017 are subject to availability and may be subject to air add-on.**

  • Meaningful Humanitarian Service Encounters
  • Compare and Contrast Ancient Global Religions
  • Examine an American Conflict from New Perspectives
  • Explore Definitions of Community in Impoverished Villages
  • Embrace Cultural Immersion with Locals
  • Gain Academic Perspective in Historically Significant Settings
  • Contemplate Humanity’s Dark Side
  • Approach a New World with Mindfulness & Reflection

Vietnam travel

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Full Program Itinerary

Day One: Bon Voyage!

Your adventure really gets going as your  check in for your international overnight flight to Taipei. Check in will open at 10PM in the evening, the flight departs at 2:00AM.

Day Two: Welcome to Vietnam
  • When you arrive in Ho Chi Minh City, your expert, in-country Travel Manager and motorcoach driver will meet you at the airport after we clear customs formalities.
  • Then, you’re headed to your accommodation for the evening, where you’ll have chance to freshen up before your welcome dinner.
  • Later, you can explore the area around the hotel and stretch your legs before getting a good night’s sleep.
Day Three: Ho Chi Minh City

  • Your day begins with a visit to the Reunification Palace.
    • The palace, surrounded by elegant palm trees, takes us back to the Vietnam War. It was here that the first Communist tanks arrived in what was then Saigon on 30th April, 1975. The Palace stands as a symbol of the fall of Saigon and little has changed since then.
  • Our next stop is the picturesque colonial General Post Office, which is constructed with Gothic, Renaissance and French influences.
    • This building is now a tourist attraction, valued as a fine example of the French Indochina era.
  • At the War Remnants Museum, you will see the brutality of the Vietnam War as many interactive displays document the suffering of the Vietnamese people.
  • Next, the History Museum you will introduce you to the evolution of Vietnam, from the bronze age Dong Son Civilization through modern times.
    • The museum also features valuable relics taken from Ankor Wat, a fine collection of Buddha statues and the fascinating mummy of a woman who died in 1869.
Day Four: Ho Chi Minh City
  • You’ll attend morning mass at the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral which as closed by the Communist regime in 1975, but today flourishes again.
  • This afternoon presents an excellent Comparative Religions. You’ll be touched by your visit to a Buddhist Temple, where you will learn about the traditions of the Buddhist faith in Vietnam.
  • This evening, discover the colorful and diverse collision of cultures that happens at the Ben Than Night Market—easily one of the best night markets in Asia! Here, locals of all descriptions can shop for whatever they need and enjoy a wide array of regional and ethnic foods. It’s unforgettable and exhilarating!
Day Five: The Tunnels of Cu Chi
This day will leave an indelible, life-long impression on you, and might shift your thinking about the power of humans’ survival instincts.

  • In the Cu Chi Region, you will visit the vast underground network of tunnels built first as a defense against the French, and later expanded during what is known here as the American War.
    • Here, the North Vietnamese waged guerrilla warfare.
    • You cannot help but marvel at the ingenuity and resilience evidenced here:
      • secret trapdoors
      • underground kitchens
      • living areas and
      • meeting rooms.
    • Affirmation of the human will to endure abounds.
    • Your entire group will be able to explore the first level of tunnels; the more adventurous may explore the deeper second, and even third levels.
  • After lunch, you’ll cross the border to Cambodia and set out for Phnom Penh City.
Day Six: Phnom Penh City
Nothing creates a more enduring and haunting impression than coming face to face with mankind’s greatest evils.

  • Today, Cambodia’s dark side is on full display for your edification at the remarkable Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum.
    • This solemn educational center is housed in a former school, which was taken over by the Khmer Rouge in 1975 and used as its main detention and torture center.
  • Next, the narrative continues as you visit the Killing Fields of Choeung Ek.
  • Your highly-trained local guides will help you assimilate the magnitude of the brutality that occurred in these places. Careful guided discussion and reflection helps students process these acutely sobering experiences. There are vitally important lessons to be learned here, relating to history, human nature, bad governance and the darkest political and social impulses. These experiences present students with the opportunity to decide for themselves what place such lessons have in their world view and personal faith journey.
  • Careful not to get cultural whiplash as you move to the Royal Palace, which houses the Silver Pagoda, named for its 5,000 heavy silver or tiles.
    • You’ll view its collection of Buddhas in gold, silver, crystal, and bronze.
  • Next, you’ll trek up the hill to Wat Phnom Temple to observe faithful locals as they come to pray for good luck.
  • This evening, your travel group will make its way to the river to enjoy a sunset cruise.
    • Together, you’ll have time to reflect on the day’s experiences, discoveries and realizations, as Phnom Penh’s riverfront come to life in the early evening.
    • It’s a beautiful way to conclude the day, watching from this spectacular vantage point as the city transforms from day to night.
Day Seven: Don Bosco Catholic School
This morning, spend time with students and teachers at Don Bosco Catholic School.

  • Following in the belief, life and work of Saint John Bosco, the Salesians of Don Bosco contribute to the development of children and young people, “that part of human society which is so exposed and yet so rich in promise.”
  • These priests have dedicated themselves to being “signs and bearers of love and compassion to the young, especially those who are orphaned, poor and vulnerable.”
  • In order to achieve their vision and mission, the Salesians of Don Bosco provide professional and technical training to the poor, the orphaned and vulnerable youth.

Late this afternoon, you’ll fly to Siem Reap.

After arrival, you will enjoy some free time for shopping and exploring the night markets.

Day Eight: Angkor Wat
This morning take Tuk-Tuks to Angkor Wat, a magnificent 12th century temple. Best have lots of space available on your cameras today!

  • Inside, Hindu mythology is detailed in stone carvings and bas-reliefs, which our guides will illuminate in detail.
  • There is a powerful history lesson here, as well as art and engineering
    • Angkor Wat is the ultimate expression of Khmer genius – an awe-inspiring temple that is stunning for both its grand scale and its incredible detail.” – Lonely Planet
  • What is it? Angkor Wat – built by Suryavarman II (1113–1152) – is the earthly representation of Meru, the Mt. Olympus of the Hindu faith, and the abode of their ancient gods.
    • The Cambodian god-kings of old each strove to better their ancestors’ structures in size, scale and symmetry, culminating in what is believed to be the world’s largest religious building. This temple is the heart and soul of Cambodia and a source of fierce national pride.
    • Unlike the other Angkor monuments, it was never abandoned to the elements and has been in virtually continuous use since it was built.
Day Nine: Service Day 1
This morning, you’ll walk through rice paddy fields to arrive at Kompheim Village.

  • A volunteer assigned by HUSK, a local NGO, will join your Travel Manager and give students a short tour of the village while providing more information about the approximately 600 people living there.
    • You will be warmly greeted by the villagers, who are eager to meet and get to know you.
    • Students will enjoy a cooking demonstration and eat lunch with the locals.
  • Today will be spent working to help improve the living situation of vulnerable families to help break the cycle of poverty.
  • Your projects will include:
    • thatching walls and other house repairs
    • constructing a vertical garden
    • building chicken coops, and
    • planting fruit trees.
Day Ten: Service Day 2
 Your time in the village will continue today with time spent at the local school.

  • Today’s projects will include:
    • conducting an English lesson,
    • playing games and sports,
    • eating together with the children,
    • learning a traditional craft, and
    • participating in storytelling activities.
Day Eleven: Phnom Penh
Today we head back to Phnom Penh stopping along the way for lunch. This evening we check into our hotel and enjoy our last dinner in Cambodia.
Day Twelve: Departure Day
This morning we head to the airport for our flight back to the USA.