Student Application Step #3:  Payment

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To complete your application, select a payment option below and provide your credit card information. You will receive a confirmation email from Quo once your payment is approved.

(Please note, if you are traveling from a city other than the departure city of your group and Leader, you may be subject to additional airfare.)


A $100 Early Enrollment Discount will be applied to all 2017 enrollments prior to September 15, 2016.

Which Payment Plan Is Right for You?

When enrolling for your Quo Student Travel program, we offer 3 payment options.

Payment in Full ($50 Discount)

Every family is welcome to pay their program cost in full at the time of enrollment. It’s easy, and we instantly reward you with a $50 discount (if enrollment occurs prior to April 15, 2017 for 2017 travel).

Monthly Payments

You can select Monthly Payments if you enroll prior to April 15, 2017. This option requires a $500 deposit at time of enrollment, followed by equal monthly payments billed each remaining month up to 60 days prior to departure. Monthly invoices are sent at the end of each month.

Installment Plan

The Installment Plan allows you to make two larger deferred payments. For 2017 travel, for instance, you’ll pay the $500 deposit when you enroll, then 50% of program cost is due January 15, 2017 with the final payment due by April 15, 2017.

    A $100 Early-Enrollment Discount applies through Sept 15, 2016. Only $100 Deposit required through Mar 1, 2016. Three payment options are available: 1) Full Payment ($50 discount if paid by April 15th, 2017), 2) Monthly Payments ($500 Deposit at time of Enrollment followed by equal monthly installments), and 3) Installment Plan ($500 Deposit at time of Enrollment, followed by 50% of program cost due January 15 on year of travel, and remaining program cost due by April 15 on year of travel.)
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