Quo Standards for Success

What’s your standard?

At Quo HQ, we believe that, ultimately, establishing rules for the road – and consequences for disobeying rules – should be up to the Leaders in charge of each travel program. In our experience, rules that may work for a group from New York City may not work for a group from Kansas.

That’s why we want your team of Leaders to edit and customize these documents to suit your needs. Use them as a basis from which to decide what standards of conduct put your travel group on the path to success.

For us, these three fundamentals are key to basic success for Quo travelers:

  • Quo student travelers always champion one another and eschew the harassment or bullying of any other student.
  • Quo students must obey the laws of the countries we visit, particularly regarding shoplifting and use or possession of illegal drugs.
  • Quo students never behave in a way that endangers themselves or the students with whom they travel.

With these standards as a universal baseline, you can set the rules that will give you the best outcomes wherever you’re going.

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Click below to download the draft Standards for Success and Success Contract as an editable Microsoft Word document, and make it your own.


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