Spain, France and Italy

Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Venice, Florence and Rome.

This is quite a lineup, and different from most explorations of the Mediterranean Coast. Engage with at least 5 distinct cultures, encounter at least 3 languages along the way… This kind of discovery has a unique ability to shift your view of the world – and your place in it.

The art, architecture and music. The landscapes, history and the warm, generous smiles of the people you meet along the way. And let’s not forget the azure waters rolling gently into endless golden beaches. This is everything a European adventure should be.

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This inspiring, immersive expedition will forever influence your thinking and fill your imagination. You’ll return home with a lifetime of brilliant memories from your sun drenched summer days with Quo.

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Program length: 15 days
All Inclusive Price: From $5,795

2017 Programs Depart: June 8 and July 12

Program Highlights:

  • Dance Flamenco in Spain’s Royal Capital, Madrid
  • Gaudi’s Barcelona, Parc Guell & La Sagrada Familia
  • Swim & Sun at Mediterranean Beaches
  • High Speed Train to Paris
  • Eiffel Tower, Sacre Coeur, The Louvre & Versailles
  • Canals, Gondolas & Legends of Venice
  • Art & Architecture of Florence + The David
  • Artisanal Pizza Making & Gelato!
  • Rome: The Coliseum, The Forum, The Catacombs
  • Vatican City, Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica


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Full Program Itinerary

Day One – Bon Voyage!
Depart USA on your overnight flight to Madrid, Spain.
Day Two – Madrid, Capital of Spain
  • Upon arrival, we’ll meet our guides and staff, collect our bags, exchange some currency and then we’re off to our first Spanish lunch.
  • Then, we’ll enjoy a thorough orientation of Madrid and see:
    • the Royal Palace
    • Teatro Royal and
    • the Plaza Mayor.
  • In the late afternoon, we’ll check into our hotel and freshen up before dinner.
  • This evening we’ll fight off jetlag with a high-energy Flamenco show, and learn all about the culture of Flamenco.
Day Three – Medieval Sword Making
  • This morning we will visit the Royal Palace, which is the official residence of the Spanish Royal family. This palace has over 3,000 rooms and remarkable frescos adorning many of the ceilings.
  • Later today, we journey to Toledo, a beautiful medieval village where the ancient art of sword making is still practiced.
  • We’ll marvel at the skill of master sword makers as they hammer steel to create these beautiful replicas of medieval swords.
Day Four – We’re off to Zaragoza
  • Today we leave for the beautiful city of Zaragoza, host to the 2008 World’s Fair and Conference on Sustainability.
  • We’ll enjoy a visit to the largest aquarium devoted to river species in Europe. It houses aquatic and non-aquatic species from the Amazon, Mekong, Nile, Darling Murray and Ebro rivers.
  • This evening we will enjoy a brief walking tour of the old city.
  • We’ll cap off a fantastic day with a little free time to shop and explore on our own.
Day Five – Gaudi, Gaudi everywhere!
  • This morning we continue our drive to the beautiful city of Barcelona.
  • We’ll discover first hand where the English term “gawdy” originates, as we marvel at the spectacular architecture of Gaudi.
  • In 1882 construction began on La Sagrada Familia, the masterpiece cathedral designed by Gaudi. Despite its spectacular beauty, it’s nowhere near finished. Construction continues to this day and will likely not be completed until 2026!
  • Next, we’ll explore Gaudi’s incredible Parc Guell, a fantasy-like blend of architecture and nature, with amazing views of the city and the sea.
Day Six – Take a dip in the Mediterranean
  • Drawing inspiration from Parc Guell, we’ll participate in a mosaic tile workshop and produce our own mosaic in the style of Antonio Gaudi.
  • Following our final Spanish lunch, we will have some down time at Barcelonetta Beach.
  • Swim in the Mediterranean ocean and enjoy the warmth of a Spanish afternoon.
Day Seven – Adios Spain and Bon Jour France!
  • High Speed Train, anyone? This morning we board the exciting TGV at Barcelona station. It will whisk us to Paris in only 5 ½ hours at an average speed of 105 miles per hour. This journey used to take more than 13 hours before the introduction of this modern marvel.
  • From your comfortable seat, pay close attention to the ever-changing scenery unfolding outside your window, as the vistas of Spain give way to pastoral fields of France.
  • A Euro-style lunch will be available on board.
  • Then, it’s time to say Bon jour!
  • Upon arrival in Paris, we’ll proceed to the Eiffel Tower to take in the city of lights from the top of the most famous attraction in Paris.
Day Eight – Voilà, Paris!
  • This morning, we’ll visit the historic hilltop of Montmartre, a haven for working artists for more than a century.
  • As we peruse the square, we’ll observe dozens of artists hard at work, and many styles and samples will be available for the public to buy.
  • A few steps away is the spectacular Sacré Cœur.
  • It’s important to make time for photos of the cathedral and, in particular, from the overlook which provides a spectacular view of Paris.
  • This afternoon, we’ll explore the Louvre and marvel at the most famous works such as:
    • the Mona Lisa
    • Winged Nike and
    • Venus de Milo.
Day Nine – The Palace of a Sun King
  • Today we will journey back in time to the age of Louis XIV and the magnificent Château de Versailles. Many would say that this is the most spectacular of all the European Royal Palaces.
  • Later, if time allows, we’ll enjoy some free time on the fabulous Avenue des Champs-Élysées, one of the most famous (shopping) streets in the world.
  • This evening, we board our overnight train for Venice.
Day Ten – Buongiorno, Venezia!
  • As the sun rises above the distinctive Italian countryside, we prepare to arrive in glorious Venice.
  • Venice is one of the most unique cities in the world with:
    • canals rather than streets
    • gondolas rather than taxis and
    • vaporettos rather than buses.
  • After disembarking our train, we will meet our guide and the local staff, who will whisk us away to famed San Marco Square.
  • In this timeless, elegant and bustling setting, we’ll take in the diversity of cultures and architecture on display. Then, we’ll tune into the expert knowledge of our guides as they orient us to this beautiful, ancient city.
  • Today’s adventures include a visit to a glass blowing factory where we will see artisans demonstrate an art form that made Venice famous in medieval times.
  • Later we’ll enjoy the views of the city from a gondola!
  • Be sure not to miss the rich lore of this fascinating city, where down every canal lies mystery and intrigue. Everyone loves the tale that explains why one of the small bridges is called The Bridge of Sighs.
  • This evening we will have some free time to explore the narrow streets and do some shopping before heading to our hotel for the evening.
Day Eleven – The David.
After Venice… well, you’ll think Italy just couldn’t get any better. Hello, Firenze!

  • Florence is famous for, among many notable bits of history and culture, their staggering works of art.
  • And no visit would be complete without seeing what’s arguably the most famous statue in the world: Michelangelo’s The David.
  • Once you’ve taken in that iconic splendor, we’ll explore Florence on foot, passing by some of the most famous buildings such as the Duomo, the Baptistery and the Gates of Paradise.
  • Our time will include a visit to a genuine Florentine leather factory. For centuries Florence has been known for exquisite leather goods. Our expert guide will explain how to spot fine leather, and distinguished craftsmen will demonstrate the ancient Florentine art of applying delicate gold leaf to the finest leather goods.
  • As amazing as this day is, it wouldn’t be complete without this evening’s dinner project: artisanal pizza making. We’ll join some true Italian craftsmen (chefs) who will teach us to make authentic, rustic Pizza in the Italian style!
Day Twelve – Roma, Eterna!
  • The drive will showcase the diversity of the Italian countryside, the migration of architectural styles and cultural differentiation. Indeed, there is a robust life outside Italy’s major cities.
  • Get to know the city and it’s major sites with a Roman Scavenger Hunt. First to identify all the clues gets a very special prize!
  • Later, we’ll visit a famous gelato maker, whose all natural Italian ice cream will blow your mind.
Day Thirteen – A country within a city.
This morning we cross the border from Rome to the smallest country in the world: Vatican City.

  • The Vatican Museum contains endless galleries of stunning and famous art masterworks.
  • We’ll navigate through the museum to the iconic Sistine Chapel.
  • Then, we’ll proceed to St. Peter’s Basilica, the most famous of all Catholic churches.
  • After lunch we will have some free time to explore Piazza Navona and its famous fountains.
Day Fourteen – Gladiators and Catacombs!
The history of ancient Rome comes to life as we imagine ourselves living in Roman times.

  • Our day begins far beneath the city of Rome, as we descend to The Catacombs of San Callisto. The catacombs cover 90+ acres and are over 12 miles long.
  • This underground cemetery contains the remains of several Popes and other important dignitaries.
  • Later we’ll enter the Roman Coliseum where we learn about the practice of martyring Christians by feeding them to the lions.
  • The Roman Forum is an area where some of the best preserved ancient Roman ruins stand in stark contrast to modern day Rome.

Day Fifteen – Arrivederci Roma!

Today, we bid farewell to Europe and head to the airport for our flight back to the USA. Time to put your new bragging rights to use!