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Faith In Action

Families entrust the faithful development of their students to Seattle Prep and Gonzaga University because they believe in the power of a quality Catholic education.

These custom-crafted experiences complement Seattle Prep’s curriculum and demonstrate the enduring values of the institution.

We pledge that your Quo Vadis program will be a deeply immersive and faithful experience, worthy of the investment being made in each student’s development.

More than ever, it’s a struggle to shift students’ focus from the self. How do we inspire young people to integrate faith into daily life? Profound and heightened experiences abroad help young people redefine how they see themselves in the world. This is an opportunity to integrate faith with their public persona and private self.

Peg Thomas, Quo Vadis Founder & CEO

2019 Faith-Based Travel Programs

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4 Reasons to Take Students’ Faith Abroad

1.  Expand their classroom:

Experiential global education helps shape & broaden students’ world view.

2.  Begin to identify their path:

Carefully crafted experiences abroad help students discover how they fit into the world, clarify their perspective and glimpse their life’s purpose.

3.  Serve those in need:

Transformative growth requires students to discover the value of putting others’ needs above their own. Meaningful community service. Cultural immersion. Moments emerge where sacrifice, sweat and smiles transcend boundaries. This is the ideal age to discover that selflessness is the only way to truly get more than you give.

4. See the world in historical context:

Anyone who has traveled will recall that profound moment when you recognize the historical relevance that surrounds you in a particular foreign place. Whether through architecture, geology, religious artifact, antiquity, food, art, sport, music, wildlife, culture or just perusing simple, everyday items in a market, history that’s thousands of years old can come alive around you. In moments like these, students awaken an appreciation of their place in history and culture.

Comparing & contrasting
“old & new”
is fundamental to
educational success.

2019 Faith Based Travel Programs

Catholic Student Travel - Catholic School Travel Program - Service Travel

Join Seattle Prep & Quo for a service & culture-rich adventure in Vietnam & Cambodia. From ancient temples to modern cities. From remnants of war to a peaceful society. Join students at a floating school and participate in hands-on service projects with locals. Pure inspiration to fuel a life-long passion for travel and service!


Educational Travel - Education Travel - Faith Based Student Travel

With ancient culture dating back nearly 3,000 years, Italy has some of the most fascinating history in all of Europe. As the seat of the universal Catholic Church, it provides an unparalleled opportunity for religious exploration. In partnership with Gonzaga University’s renowned Florence campus, we invite you to experience beauty, social diversity, fascinating traditions and ancient culture while exploring your faith in a whole new way. PARENTS are WELCOME to join this group!


Quo Vadis - Faith Based Educational Travel - Catholic Student Travel

Considering a life in the theatre? Join Seattle Prep’s amazing Adam Othman for hands-on exposure, front- and back-of-house workshops, meetings with theatre company pros and powerful workshops with working West End professionals. The BRIT School, National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe and up to 5 live performances. And, btw, experience London’s most iconic attractions!

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About Quo Vadis

Where are you going?

Quo Vadis is Latin for “where are you going?” 

When you’re a student, could there be a bigger question?

Quo Vadis Student Travel is here to help young people find their path in life.

Faith In Action

For many students today, it’s not a lack of desire that obstructs the path to personal transformation. Media, activities and even studies fill students’ days and minds.

So, how best to help them and engage with the off-screen world and stay on the path to purposeful living and meaningful success?

Context & Guidance

You get more than an education when you see the world, make new connections and explore new cultures.

An immersive experience, set in the proper context, is a phenomenal way for young people to discover new aspects of themselves and the world around them.

Thoughtful guidance allows young travelers to find a new appreciation for all that they already have, and for all the things still left to learn.

Putting Broccoli in the Brownies

Quo Vadis Founder Peg Thomas uses this metaphor to describe the way she has successfully taught her teenage sons the most powerful lessons of faith.

It’s difficult to sell kids on suffering and sacrifice, but when it’s baked right in with the fun & adventure they crave, they’re all too happy to embrace the meaningful ingredients, too.

This is the Quo Vadis recipe. We craft faithful, purposeful and transformative programs that include enough fun that it’s easy to enroll kids in growth experiences.

Transform Students’ Role in the World

Rolled-up sleeves, sweat on the brow, the smile of a child…

Quo Vadis’s immersive & interactive travel experiences are about getting some emotional and spiritual skin in the game.

  • Retreat-Centered Focus
  • Mindfulness, Journaling, Prayer
  • Intentional Action/Reflection
  • Social Justice
  • Humanitarian Community Service
  • Exposure to Comparative Religion
  • Hands-on Learning & Cultural Immersion
  • Fun & Adventure
  • Faith-Focused Curriculum

Partners in Community Building

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Helping Students Keep the Faith

Seattle Prep, Gonzaga University and Quo Vadis Student Travel have partnered in an endeavor to clear students’ paths, so they can access both the global classroom and the global faith community. We’re paving the way for:

  • personal development
  • academic growth
  • global awareness
  • and a stronger connection to students’ faith.

We invite you to learn more about these opportunities for Seattle Prep students and their parents!

When you have questions, we’re here for you.
Email [email protected] or call us at 877-472-3301.

Where are you going?