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Student Travel - Educational Travel

We are beyond excited to have you join the Quo Leader family! Thank you for Registering.

What Happens Next?

  • Details: Your Leader Relations Liaison will contact you in the next few days to answer questions, discuss your chosen program and confirm details, such as the number of students you anticipate for your Travel Group, if you’re teamed-up with another teacher, etc.
  • Tools: You’ll receive access to the Group Leader Tool Kit, which is loaded with tools and support to help you get started on your recruitment campaign.
  • Benefits: We’ll make certain you understand how Leader Benefits & Rewards are structured, so you can build a recruitment plan that matches the compensation you want to earn.
  • Leader Packet: You’ll receive a Leader Packet in the mail with loads of useful info.
  • Free Travel: The most basic thing you need to know is that it only takes 6 travelers for a Leader to travel for free. From there, it’s all up to you.
  • Get Social: Join Quo on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube

What’s Teacher-Recruited?

In short, Teacher-Recruited means we take care of the details of your amazing travel program, you take care of recruitment & building your travel group.

Your relationship with students and families makes you far more effective at communicating with, motivating and reassuring those families than a group of strangers from Quo HQ. Our team is always here with support, tools & guidance, but your experience, relationships & community rapport are the keys to success in the Teacher-Recruited model.

  • Start talking with your families today about the amazing summer experience you have planned for their students.
  • Post in social media and link to your itinerary as soon as your enrollment portal is live. There are social posts, badges & memes in the Tool Kit, too.
  • Be ready to talk about how much the equal monthly payments would be if a family enrolls today. Remember the Payment Center is there to help clarify payment options, deadlines, discounts & fees.
  • Your Leader Tool Kit has downloadable Itineraries, Posters, Maps and Student Invites for you to print and share, which is a great way to look professional as you’re getting started.
  • You can also download a printable version of the Enrollment Form for families who don’t want to enroll online.

We are ready when you have questions. Our team is so excited to have you and your growing travel group join the Quo family! Welcome!