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Stop settling for mass-produced student travel programs

Tired of generic cookie-cutter tours? Quo offers a better experience!

  • Personal service and support
  • Smaller group sizes
  • Customizable itineraries
  • Teacher Benefits
  • The team that made People to People great

There’s still time to travel for free next summer – discover the Quo difference today!

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Why Quo?

For safety, quality, value and sheer benefit, you simply cannot find a better educational travel experience than Quo Student Travel.

What could you teach in the Global Classroom?

For your students, so much of the known is yet unknown. When their minds are open, there’s an “Aha!” around every corner.

When you team up with Quo, adventure and discovery set the stage for learning and the whole world becomes their classroom.

Experiential Learning Changes Everything

Quo gives teachers the tools, inspiration and opportunity to deliver life-changing learning experiences in the greatest classroom ever invented.

Iconic destinations, exceptional content and relentless adventure set the stage for full-throttle learning. Students are so busy having fun that they hardly notice they’re gaining a multifaceted education that will benefit them for a lifetime.

What’s the Quo Difference?

All of us at Quo have ties to Education: family members, colleagues, mentors and friends. Our community of teachers has inspired us.

For a few decades now, we’ve surrounded ourselves with the most exceptional educators we could find. Having friends like that has its benefits. You, dear teachers, have taught us a lot. In turn, we have major respect for what you do and who you are.

After years of seeing teachers take a lot of guff, work tirelessly for their chosen causes and literally put their lives on the line for their students, it’s time somebody stepped up and showed you some love.

Teacher-Centric Programs

That respect for educators is why we’re building Quo programs around the most precious commodity in our industry: you.

We call our program design “teacher-centric,” because everything we do is centered around you.

From the very beginning, your experience with us will be clearly different from your encounters with other student travel organizations. We’re thrilled about that, and we’re confident you’ll love the difference.

Where can I go?

Global & Exotic Destinations

Quo takes you beyond just Europe. We’re passionate about exploratory travel experiences that get people off the beaten path.

Eager to see Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, Costa Rica, Peru, the Galapagos Islands and more?

If adventurous, exotic, challenging and custom destinations are your thing, Quo is for you.

In short, why should you #GoQuo?

  • Quo offers smaller group sizes, providing a bigger impact.
  • Our itineraries are customizable, so your experience can align with your class curriculum.
  • Teachers, students and families enjoy a personalized experience, which has earned Quo a 98% customer satisfaction rating.
  • We appreciate our teachers like no other – discover the teacher benefits that reward your hard work!
  • Team Quo is the same team that made People to People great, which means operational excellence and a mission-driven approach to educational travel.

There’s still time to travel for free next summer. Register today experience the Quo difference!

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