London to Paris

Never traveled abroad before? Start off with a bang and see two of the most sought-after cities in the world: London and Paris.

This trip is perfect to ease new travelers into life abroad; London will welcome you in it’s best British accent and prep you for all that is Paris.

Best of all, we pack this amazing trip into 10 days so you still have time for other summer adventures.

Student Travel - London - England - Big Ben

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 Program length: 10 days
All Inclusive Price: $4,995

2017 Programs Depart:  June 27


  • Explore the bloody secrets of the Tower of London
  • Get your Theatre on at a West End Musical
  • Be transported back in time at Warwick Castle
  • Unravel the mysteries of Stonehenge
  • Discover how French and American history entertwine in Normandy
  • Oui, oui, Paris!  Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, and Notre Dame


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Full Program Itinerary

Day One – London, here we come.
Today we board our overnight international flight to London.
Day Two – Hello London!
We will be met at the airport by our guide, have an opportunity to change some money into local currency and then proceed to the J.F. Kennedy Memorial. A driving tour en route to our hotel will allow us to spy some of London’s great icons, including Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral. To beat the jetlag, we’ll turn in a little early. This way, we’ll have a good night’s sleep under our belt as we head out for adventure in the morning.
Day Three – A Tower with a Bloody Past
This morning we will experience the pomp and circumstance of the famed “Changing of the Guard.” This time-honored tradition showcases the guards who look after the Queen’s palace. Each day, the ritual of the changing of the guard takes place at exactly the same time as thousands of visitors observe. Following lunch, we will see the Tower of London, learn about the history of the palace, find out why ravens are kept captive at the tower, and hear about the many grizzly executions that took place in the grounds. The Tower is also the home of the British Crown Jewels. We’ll be able to marvel at the exquisite workmanship of royal jewel makers through the years. See if you can spot the world’s largest diamond! Is it set in a crown or a scepter?  This evening, we will see a musical in London’s bustling theatre district, the West End.
Day Four – All Eyes on London!
Our day begins with an overview of the city of London from high atop the London Eye. Later we will have a guided tour of London taking in the sights such as Big Ben, Westminster Palace, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus.
Day Five – What’s a Trebuchet?
Today we’ll set out across the English countryside as we journey north to Warwick. Prepare yourself: today you will join the Earl of Warwick’s celebrated army! We will be whisked back in time and initiated in medieval battle arts, like sword fighting, skill drill training and battle rituals. Tonight, supper will be served like the feasts of old, dining at the castle. The entire experience culminates in the firing of the world’s largest trebuchet (catapult), hurling a flaming ball into the dusk further than you can believe.
Day Six – Onward to France!
We start our day with a visit to Stonehenge, the famous stone circle dating back to 3000 BC. Recent discoveries indicate that there is far more to the complex network of ruins than first thought. A new visitor center provides information about the construction, the people who used it and the underground complex of ruins yet to be uncovered. After lunch, we will visit the town of Salisbury and the famous Salisbury cathedral, the inspiration for the book “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett. Following this visit, we journey to Winchester where we can see the Round Table of King Arthur that has hung in the Great Hall of Winchester Castle since 1463. Dinner in Portsmouth, and then we board an overnight ferry to France!
Day Seven – The Beaches of Normandy
This morning starts with a visit to The Beaches of Normandy where we will reflect on the sacrifice of thousands of brave American soldiers who gave their lives to secure our freedom in World War II. We’ll experience a special tribute to our fallen soldiers who lie buried at the American Cemetery. Later, we will visit the Caen Memorial, an innovative museum highlighting the Second World War, D-Day landings and the Cold War that followed.
Day Eight – Mona Lisa Smile
Brace yourself – today you’ll encounter the spectacle of Paris! We’ll arrive in the city later this morning, but before we leave Normandy our guide will give us a short French lesson so we know the basics. And then it begins… After lunch, we’ll visit the most famous museum in the world – Musee du Louvre. There, we will marvel at its most famous works: the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and the Winged Nike. Following our visit we head to Notre Dame Cathedral where you’ll marvel at its famous Rose Window.
Day Nine – View from the Top!
Our day begins with an expertly guided driving tour of Paris that will include the most important Parisian icons. Following our city tour, we’ll visit the Eiffel Tower where we will marvel at the cityscape of most beautiful and iconic of cities. Hmmmm… does the layout of Paris seem familiar to you? Fun fact, many people think that Washington DC was modeled after Paris, while Washington DC was actually built first. Then, Napoleon leveled the medieval city and came up with a new layout that is strikingly similar to the layout of Washington. This afternoon, Paris gets even more parisian, as we visit the hilltop of Montmartre. We’ll take time to explore the famous square where artists work in the open all day, and we’ll take in the most amazing vistas from below the iconic Sacre Coeur.
Day Ten – Homeward Bound
This morning we say adieu to Paris and head to the airport for our flight back to the USA.