London, Paris and Zurich

Get ready to criss-cross the borders of European culture and nature on a program unlike anything you’ve imagined.

You’ll make your way across one giant ocean, a channel and then across seven of the most beautiful countries Europe has to offer.

London, Paris, Bruges, Amsterdam, the Black Forest, the Austrian Alps – you’ll do more in 15 days than most students do in an entire summer.

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 Program length: 15 days
All Inclusive Price: $5,795

2017 Programs Depart:  TBD


  • Seven Incredible Countries
  • Globe Theatre Workshop and West End Show
  • Ride the Iconic Eurostar to Paris
  • Roman Settlement in Germany
  • Home dinner in Germany
  • Alpine Adventure Day


Quo Student Travel - European Educational Travel

Full Program Itinerary

Day One –  Fly to London
Today we will board your international flight from USA to London
Day Two – A King with Six Wives
Upon arrival in London we will be met by our guide and will have a chance to exchange money into local currency before heading to Hampton Court Palace. Hampton Court is the home of King Henry VII and in modern times has been preserved to show what life was like during his lifetime. We will see the dining halls, kitchens, formal receiving rooms and his tennis court where the game of tennis was invented. Following our visit we will head to our hotel.
Day Three – Bedazzling by the Experts!
This morning we will experience the Tower of London, learn about the history of the palace, find out why ravens are kept captive at the tower and hear about the many grizzly executions that took place at the tower. The Tower is also the home of the British Crown Jewels and we will be able to marvel at the exquisite workmanship of jewel makers through the years. See if you can spot the worlds largest diamond! Is it set in a crown or a scepter?  Following lunch we will head to the London Eye for a birds eye view of London in all its glory.
Day Four – Welcome Lords and Ladies! Now on With the Show!
This morning we will experience the pomp and circumstance of the changing of the guard. This time honored tradition showcases the guards who look after the Queen’s palace. Each day the ritual of the changing of the guard takes place at exactly the same time as thousands of visitors look on. Following lunch we will experience a unique workshop at the Globe Theater as we learn about acting in the times of Shakespeare and attempt our own version of one of his plays. This is a unique opportunity to learn about how his plays were performed in Elizabethan times. This evening we will experience a modern day London West End Musical.
Day Five – Cheerio England, Bonjour France
This morning we head to the station to board the Eurostar to Paris. This high-speed train connects the cities of London and Paris via a massive tunnel that is built under the English Channel. We will be in Paris in only two and a half hours. Upon arrival we will meet our Paris guide who will take us on an orientation of the City of Light.
Day Six – A View From the Top!
Today we will journey back in time to the age of Louis XIV and the magnificent Chateau de Versailles. Many would say that this is the most spectacular of all the European Royal Palaces. This afternoon we will experience a workshop at the studio of the artist Henri Landier in Montmartre. After the workshop we will have time to explore the famous square where artists work and take in the vistas from below the Sacre Coeur. This evening we will ascend the Eiffel Tower for some breathtaking views of the city at night.
Day Seven – Chocolate!!! Need we say more?
Before leaving Paris we will have a chance to visit the most famous museum in the world – The Louvre. We will have a chance to marvel at the most famous works, the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and the Winged Nike. After lunch we will cross the border into Belgium and visit the town of Bruges. It is said that Belgian chocolate is the finest in the world. We will judge for ourselves as we visit a Belgian chocolate factory. Free samples included! Following our visit we will have a horse drawn carriage tour of Bruges, which is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe.
Day Eight – Is that a Windmill?
This morning we leave Belgium and journey into Holland. Our first stop will be at the Kinderdijk Windmill Park where we will ride a bike through the collection of windmills. Following lunch we will proceed north and visit a wooden shoe factory to learn how this unique footwear is made as well as visit a cheese maker to learn about Gouda production and taste some Dutch cheese.
Day Nine – Amsterdam!
Our morning begins with a visit to the Anne Frank House. We will visit the museum and see the space where Anne and her family hid during the Second World War. This afternoon we will view the city from the canals on board a specially constructed canal boat.
Day Ten – The Footsteps of the Romans
Doei Doei Amsterdam! It’s time to follow the footsteps of the Romans and head to Germany. This morning we travel from the flatlands of Holland to the spectacular Rhine River Valley. Following lunch we will visit Roemer Welt and learn about the ancient Roman settlements in the area. Our visit includes workshops on archery, Roman cooking, Roman clothing and Mosaic work. This evening we will have a unique opportunity to join a local family in their home for a home cooked meal.
Day Eleven – Black Forest Cake?
This morning we travel to the town of Freiburg in the Black Forest.  Our first stop is a cuckoo clock workshop where we learn about how these unique clocks are made. We will make our own lunch at the Hofgut Sternen and for dessert we will learn to make authentic Black Forest Cake. Be sure to write down the recipe, as you will want to make this delicious dessert when you get home!
Day Twelve – Yodel-odel-ay-hee-hoo!
Today we head to the Austrian Alps and the Montafon region of Austria. After our arrival we will have some time to relax and swim in an Alpine Lake. This evenings dinner will be outdoors and we will sample the Austrian version of a BBQ.
Day Thirteen – Adventure in the Alps!
Today’s activities will test our sense of adventure. We will start with a high ropes course followed by a cable car ride to the top of The Golm. After a hike on The Golm we wll have an opportunity to ride an Alpine coaster.
Day Fourteen – The World is Made of Swiss Cheese!
Time to head to a new country, time to press onward to Switzerland. After crossing the boarder we will stop at a farm where the art of making Swiss cheese will be revealed. At the end of the workshop we will each have our own little cheese to take away with us. In the afternoon we will head to Zurich where our farewell dinner will be Cheese Fondue!
Day Fifteen – Homeward Bound
Sadly we bid farewell to Europe and head to the airport for our journey home to the USA.