London, Paris and Rome

Could there be a more classic European adventure than experiencing London, Paris and Rome?

These iconic cities – and all the fascinating destinations in between, immerse you in beauty, history and culture.

You’ll encounter a wide array of traditions, languages and architecture, too.

With each passing moment, you’ll fall a little more in love with Europe.

Quo Student Travel - Vatican City

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Program length: 15 days
All Inclusive Price: $5,795

2017 Programs Depart: TBD


  • Tower of London and a West End Musical
  • Special Ceremony at American Cemetery in Normandy
  • Paris! Eiffel Tower, Louvre, and Chateau de Versailles
  • Venetian Scavenger Hunt
  • Dinner in an Italian home in Florence
  • Vatican City and St. Peters Basilica


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Full Program Itinerary

Day One – London, here we come!
Today we board our overnight international flight to London.
Day Two – Hello, London!
We will be met at the airport by our guide, have an opportunity to change some money into local currency and then proceed on an expert orientation of London. We will see the outside of some of the great icons of London, including Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral, before heading to our hotel and settling in for a good night’s sleep.
Day Three – A Tower with a Bloody Past
This morning we will experience the pomp and circumstance of the changing of the guard. This time honored tradition showcases the guards who look after the Queen’s palace. Each day the ritual of the changing of the guard takes place at exactly the same time as thousands of visitors look on. Following lunch we will see the Tower of London, learn about the history of the palace, find out why ravens are kept captive at the tower, and hear about the many grizzly executions that took place on the grounds. The Tower is also the home of the British Crown Jewels and we will be able to marvel at the exquisite workmanship of jewel makers through the years. See if you can spot the worlds largest diamond! Is it set in a crown or a scepter?  This evening we will see a musical in London’s West End.
Day Four – Cheerio England, Bonjour France!
Our day begins with an overview of the city of London from high atop the London Eye. Later we will explore the many wonders of The British Museum where one of the best ancient civilization collections is housed. We will see some of the English countryside on our way to Portsmouth where we board our overnight ferry for the journey to France.
Day Five – The Beaches of Normandy
This morning starts with a visit to The Beaches of Normandy where we will reflect on the sacrifice of the brave American soldiers who gave their lives to secure our freedom. We will experience a special tribute to our fallen soldiers who lie buried at the American Cemetery. Later we will visit the Caen Memorial, an innovative museum highlighting the Second World War, D-Day landings and the Cold War that followed.
Day Six – The Palace of The Sun King
Leaving Normandy we make our way towards Paris and will stop and visit The Chateau de Versailles, the opulent palace of the Sun King, Louis XIV. Many say that this is the most beautiful of all the palaces of European royalty. We will have an opportunity to explore the palace at our own pace and visit the beautiful gardens including the fountains, which date back to the reign of Louis XIV and his queen, Marie Antoinette.
Day Seven – Voila Paris!
Our day begins with a guided tour of Paris that will include driving by the most important Parisian icons. Following our city tour we will visit the Eiffel Tower where we will marvel at the cityscape of this beautiful city. Does the layout seem familiar? Many people think that Washington, D.C. was modeled after Paris but in fact Washington, D.C. was first. Napoleon leveled the medieval city and came up with a new layout that is strikingly similar to the layout of Washington. This afternoon we will visit the hilltop of Montmartre. We will have time to explore the famous square where artists work and take in the vistas from below the iconic Sacre Coeur.
Day Eight – Mona Lisa Smile
Before leaving Paris we will have a chance to visit the most famous museum in the world – The Louvre. We will have a chance to marvel at the most famous works: the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and the Winged Nike. Following our visit we have some free time to explore the fabulous Avenue des Champs-Élysées. We might decide to sip coffee at a sidewalk café and watch the parade of people or explore the shops. This evening we board our overnight train to Venice!
Day Nine – The Lions of Venice
This morning we awaken as our train shunts into the remarkable city of Venice. Upon leaving the train station we will find ourselves on the Grand Canal. A short transfer and we will find ourselves at the Piazza San Marco where we will be given clues and will set out on a scavenger hunt where we will have to ask locals for information to solve the puzzle. Our lunch today will be a real adventure! Following lunch we will ride a gondola through the canals and see sites like the infamous Bridge of Sighs. Later we will be invited to enter a glass factory where the artisans will demonstrate their ability as they show us this ancient art. Did you know that the famous Venetian red glass could only be achieved by adding pure gold to the molten glass?
Day Ten – Is that Tower leaning?
Today we head to the town of Pisa and learn about the extraordinary measures that have been taken to save its famous leaning tower. There will be plenty of time to pose for a photograph of you trying to hold the tower up before heading to lunch. Pay close attention as we will be learning to make Tuscan Pizza in a special workshop where the fine art of pizza making is taught. After the master pie maker demonstrates, we will each get to try our hand at making our own pie which is then cooked at over 600 degrees in a wood fired pizza oven. Following lunch we drive to the city of Florence, our next stop on our journey.
Day Eleven – The Academy and the Statue of David
This morning we visit The Accademia Gallery and marvel at Michelangelo’s masterpiece statue, “David.” Many have exclaimed that the statue seems to come to life as the observer stares at it. Few can understand how Michelangelo was able to carve the veins in the statue’s arms and legs. Ah, the mystery of mastery! Afterward, we will have a walking tour of the city, including the Duomo, where we will see the bronze doors of the Baptistery known as the Gate to Paradise. We will also pass over The Ponte Vecchio or “old bridge” and marvel at the work of the goldsmiths who sell their wares in the small shops that line the sides of the bridge. This evening we will experience Italian home cooking as we break into small groups and are invited to a home for an authentic taste of Italy.
Day Twelve – The Eternal City
Today we head south to The Eternal City – Rome. We will start our Roman Quest by receiving a list of clues to identify famous Roman sites in the downtown area. The first group to identify all the clues gets a special prize! After lunch we will visit Mariotti’s, a famous gelato maker, who’s ice-cream is only made with natural ingredients.
Day Thirteen – The World’s Smallest Country
This morning we cross the border from Rome to the smallest country in the world, Vatican City. The Vatican museum contains endless galleries of art and we follow the path through the museum to the iconic Sistine Chapel. Following our visit we will proceed to St. Peters Basilica, the most famous of all Catholic churches. After lunch we will have some free time to explore Piazza Navona and its famous fountains.
Day Fourteen – Gladiators and Catacombs!
Our day begins by descending to The Catacombs of San Callisto far beneath the city of Rome. The catacombs cover an area of over 90 acres and the galleries are over 12 miles long. The underground cemetery contains the remains of several Popes and other important dignitaries. Later we will enter the Roman Coliseum where we learn the truth about the practice of martyring Christians by feeding them to the lions. The Roman Forum is an area where some of the best preserved ancient Roman ruins stand in stark contrast to modern day Rome. The history of ancient Rome comes to life as we imagine ourselves living in Roman times.
Day Fifteen – Arrivederci Roma!
We bid farewell to Europe and head to the airport for our flight back to the USA.