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Considering a life in the theatre? Roll up your sleeves, take a deep dive & see if it’s for you!

The London Stage!

For students of the dramatic arts, nothing excites like the adrenaline rush of theatrical performance!

Travel to London and immerse yourself in the theatrical ambience that has been a hallmark of British life for centuries.

Enjoy the ‘must see’ sights of London, while finding your path in the thrilling world of West End talent. Visit the venues, work with theatre companies, learn from professional actors and experience a range of performances.

Then, venture out of the city to Stratford upon Avon, home to the greatest theatre company in the world. Explore Oxford and Christchurch College, a veritable cinematographer’s paradise.

Much more than just The British Stage:
you’ll encounter countless opportunities for cultural immersion & personal transformation!

– Quo Founder, Peg Thomas

Where are You Going?

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Program length:  10 days
All Inclusive Price:  from $4,995

Seattle Program Departs: Week of June 21, 2018

Amarillo Program Departs: Week of July 26, 2018

Minimum Group: 25 Paying Travelers

Program priced from Leader’s departure airport.

Program Highlights:
  • Attend 4 Professional Performances, including a smash West End show
  • The BRIT School, National Theatre & Shakespeare’s Globe
  • Performance, Technical & Backstage Workshops Galore
  • Stratford Upon Avon, Birthplace of Shakespeare
  • Royal Shakespeare Co & Swan Theatre
  • Henry VIII’s Hampton Court
  • Oxford & Christchurch College
  • Cruise on the River Thames
  • London Eye, Tate Modern & Tower of London 


International Drama Program - Student Travel - Educational Travel

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Student Travel - Educational Travel - London Drama Program

Full Program Itinerary

Day One
Bon Voyage! At long last, it’s Departure Day! Today you’ll board an international flight from the USA to London.
Day Two
Welcome to London

  • Upon arrival at London Heathrow, we’ll be met by our guide and local staff before heading into the busy city for a welcome briefing and city orientation tour.
  • After lunch, we’ll soar above this beautiful, sprawling city aboard the London Eye. You might wear out your camera from this bird’s eye view – snapping selfies high above London, one of the greatest capital cities in the world, and the district of Westminster below.
  • This evening, we’ll enjoy your welcome dinner in a London restaurant.
Day Three
Blue Badges & Exploring London

  • There’s no better way to explore London than in the company of a Blue Badge Guide. That’s why this morning your group will have one of your own, who will more deeply orient you to the city, introducing you to all the iconic sights for which London is famous, including
    • Piccadilly
    • Trafalgar Square
    • Buckingham Palace (and the Changing of the Guard!)
    • and the many Theatres in Covent Garden and the West End.
  • You’ll be panting with excitement by the time we pause for lunch in the heart of London.
  • Then, we’re off to one of London’s truly iconic Landmarks, The Tower of London.
    • See the Crown Jewels
    • Climb the White Tower
    • Chat with the Beefeaters
  • See the Guardians of the Tower, The Ravens, who watch over Tower Green, scene of what was considered the people’s theatre of its time: beheadings and hangings.
  • To wrap up today’s exploration of the United Kingdom’s capitol city, we’ll cruise up the River Thames, enjoying the sights of central London from a vantage unlike any other.
Day Four
A Shakespeare Kind of Day, with a Modern Twist

  • We’ll get down to theatre’s roots as we move into Shakespeare’s Globe, an inspiring and international educational and artistic theatre on London’s Southbank.
  • Shakespeare’s Globe was founded by the pioneering actor and director Sam Wanamaker as an homage to the original Globe Theatre.
  • Here, you’ll take part in an interactive Shakespearean workshop exclusively designed for Quo Student Travel.
  • After lunch, we’ll further explore the Southbank, taking in the newly opened Sam Wanamaker Theatre, Royal Festival Hall and the impressive Tate Modern – where the Turbine Hall continuously plays host to many modern artistic creations.
  • We take our cues this afternoon from a world-leading drama coach this afternoon, in a Movement Workshop that will help define every performers’ craft.
  • We’ll take part in a time-worn tradition of eating a pre-theatre dinner. You’ll be amazed by the crowds of theatre-goers dining early! It’s a culture unlike anything you’ve experienced at home.

This evening, we’ll attend a Shakespeare’s Globe Performance, which will tie together everything you learned in workshop this morning. Before curtain, actors will set the scene and bring to life the history of acting since Shakespearean times.

Day Five
The BRIT School

  • We’ll spend the better part of our day at the world-famous BRIT School, whose former students include stars like Adele, Amy Winehouse, Jessie J, The Feeling, Katy B, Katie Melua, Ashley Madekwe and Leona Lewis. Meet with the students, join in with drama activities, explore the Tech Studio, sample classes, find your interests and experience a memorable day at this world renowned school for performing arts.
  • Lunch at The BRIT School.
  • Head to Central London to visit The Actor’s Church (St. Paul’s) at Covent Garden. This active Anglican church has its own in-house professional theatre company, Iris Theatre.
  • Another custom afternoon workshop will help develop each artists’ craft and sharpen everyone’s talent.
  • You’ll have a few moments to decompress and compose yourself at our pre-theatre dinner, before we take in a smash West End show in one of London’s many historic theatres. You never forget your first West End show!
Day Six
Home of London’s Theatrical Greats

  • The theatre is open! We’ll spend the morning participating in a workshop at the Actor’s Center, led by incredibly accomplished graduates from LAMDA. These drama professionals teach the skills and artistry they’ve honed at the world-leading London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.
  • After lunch, we’ll spend the afternoon visiting the National Theatre, home to famous productions such as War Horse and Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night. Participate in a workshop created in collaboration with a leading West End production company.
  • Explore the backstage life of the National Theatre. Your knowledgeable and entertaining guides will lead you through the backstage areas, following in the footsteps of the greatest actors and directors of the last 35 years, and revealing the secrets that bring their work to the stage.
  • You’ll see everything in a new light as you attend this evening’s production at the National Theatre.
Day Seven
The Evolution of Theatre

  • Today we’ll visit the one-and-only Victoria & Albert Museum to explore their Theatre and Performance Collection. Exhibits include:
    • set design
    • production and creation
    • costume design
    • make-up and its evolution
    • the role and importance of the audience
    • the business of theatre
    • the importance of rehearsal and
    • the promotion of performances.
  • After lunch, we’ll head to Richmond for a fantastic presentation on the Evolution of Theatre at the Orange Tree Theatre.
  • The Orange Tree Theatre is a fine example of how a small local theatre and production company has grown into a recognised and acclaimed company with support from thespians such as Lord Richard and Lady Attenborough.
  • You’re getting into the rhythm of early dinner. Just in time for tonight’s Pre-Theatre Dinner, before taking in a performance at The Orange Tree Theatre.
Day Eight
Henry VIII, Hampton Court, Oxford & Christchurch

By now, we are true Londoners. But we’ll be excited to leave the city today because we’re headed to Surrey, to see one of England’s most impressive palaces: Hampton Court.

  • Hampton Court is only one of two surviving palaces owned by one of England’s most well-known kings: Henry VIII. Here, we’ll take it all in:
    • the Great Hall
    • the servants’ quarters
    • the royal apartments
    • the impressive buildings
    • the beautifully designed courtyards and
    • the picturesque gardens.

Once we catch our breath and enjoy lunch, we’re off to explore the university city of Oxford.

  • We’ll visit the prestigious Christchurch College, whose impressive dining hall was the inspiration for the Hogwarts Dining Hall in the now legendary Harry Potter Films.

Tonight, we’ll dine, unwind and slumber in The Thames Valley.

Day Nine
Legacy of The Bard from Stratford

Today, we are welcomed to Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of, arguably, the greatest playwright and poet of all time: William Shakespeare.

  • Your Travel Manager will take you on a fascinating historical orientation of this picturesque little town, concluding at the Royal Shakespeare & Swan Theatre.
  • Next, we’ll lunch, and buzz with anticipation of the esteemed company we’ll keep this afternoon.
  • Come mentally prepared for an afternoon Workshop with professionals from the most famous classical theatre company in the world: The Royal Shakespeare Company.
  • And then, everyone will understand if you’re feeling a bit emotional this evening, as it’s our final Pre-Theatre Dinner.

Is there such a thing as too much Shakespeare? After today’s phenomenal immersion in all things Shakespeare, you’ll be nowhere near your limits as we’re enthralled by tonight’s peerless master performance at The Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford.

Day Ten
Pip-Pip, Cheerio!

What light through yonder window breaks? As the sun once more warms the misty emerald hills of the United Kingdom, we’ll be leaving our theatrical adventure behind. This morning we’re headed for Heathrow Airport and our return flight home. Tarah, London!

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