Ireland, Northern Ireland, England & Wales

Experience the best of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales! Next summer, travel to Ireland and the United Kingdom with Stephanie Brookhouse and Maggie Cummings and explore the Emerald Aisles.

Enjoy the ‘must see’ sights of London, travel at speeds of up to 100MPH on the worlds fastest zip line, learn about the history of Northern Ireland, travel the Ring of Kerry, and get your grove on at an Irish Ceili. Explore Shakespeare’s birthplace, travel back in time to Medieval Warwick castle and enjoy a community stay in Cashel as you experience traditional Irish life.

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Experiential learning awaits as we journey to the British Isles & U.K.
  • Gain an understanding of the Northern Ireland conflict and hear first-hand how life is different today
  • Engage with a diverse range of locals as we experience a community stay in Ireland
  • Explore and experience fascinating and ancient traditions
  • Get a taste of what “everyday life” is like for people in the United Kingdom

You’ll encounter countless opportunities for cultural immersion & personal transformation!

Program Snap Shot

 Smaller group. Bigger impact.

Program length:  14 days
All Inclusive Price:  $5,795

Departure Date: Click ENROLL to view 2017 date

Program Highlights:
  • Attend a smash hit musical in London’s famous West End
  • The Tower of London and the incomparable Crown Jewels
  • The Globe Theater: learn about Shakespearian performances in Elizabethan times
  • The Book of Kells, one of Ireland’s greatest treasures
  • Community home dinner and Ceili in Cashel, Ireland
  • Stratford Upon Avon, birthplace of Shakespeare
  • Blarney Castle, where you’ll gain the gift of the gab if you kiss the Blarney Stone
  • Travel back in time to Dublinia and learn about Dublin in the time of the Vikings


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Student Travel - Educational Travel - London Drama Program

Full Program Itinerary

Day One
Bon Voyage! At long last, it’s Departure Day! Today you’ll board an international flight from the USA to Dublin.
Day Two
Welcome to Dublin, Ireland

  • Upon arrival at Dublin, we’ll be met by our guide before heading north to Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • Our guide will brief us on history, customs and our overall program as we travel, while pointing out some of the interesting sites as we head across the border passing from Ireland to Northern Ireland.
  • This afternoon we will enjoy a guided tour of Belfast and will learn about the tragic history of the RMS Titanic at Titanic, Belfast, the world’s largest interactive Titanic Experience.
  • This evening, we’ll check into our hotel and head to our first dinner in Belfast.
Day Three

  • Our morning begins with a visit to Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge, a 65 ft. suspended bridge stretching from the mainland to “Rocky Island.”
    • It can be challenging to navigate this bucking bronco of a bridge. How sure-footed will you be?
  • Next, we’ll hike along the cliff-top trail of the Giant’s Causeway.
    • Giant’s Causeway is one of the highest-rated experiences in any of our UK programs.
  • This afternoon we have a very special opportunity to meet with young people from Northern Ireland. We will learn first-hand about the time they call “the troubles” and the conflict between Protestants and Catholics that gave rise to this tumultuous period.
Day Four
Londonderry and Galway

  • Today we head to Northern Ireland’s second largest city – Londonderry, also known as Derry.
    • Londonderry is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in Northern Ireland.
    • The conflict which became known as “the troubles” began here in Londonderry with the Battle of Bogside. We will marvel at the historic landmarks, many of which are contained within the old medieval city.
  • Later in the day, it’s time to head south and cross the border back into the Republic of Ireland.
    • You’ll marvel at the breathtaking scenery for which Ireland is famous. Be on the lookout for rainbows: you never know when you might spot a leprechaun on his way to the end of the rainbow to hide his pot of gold!
  • Our evening will be in the medieval city of Galway, where some of the finest examples of medieval architecture can be seen.
    • Galway is known for its vibrant lifestyle and many festivals and celebrations which take place.
Day Five
The Cliffs of Moher and Killarney

  • Our first stop of the day will be the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher, which rise 700ft above the waters below.
    • We will wander the tops of the cliffs, marveling at the views and taking in the astounding beauty of this famous Irish attraction.
  • Next, it’s off to Killarney, where we will enjoy a walking tour of the old city and learn about the history of this town and surrounding area. In addition to the charm of a Killarney accent, you’ll be astounded at the rich legacy and beauty of this region!
Day Six
The Gap of Dunloe

  • Just when we thought Ireland couldn’t get any more beautiful, we will be astounded by the incomparable Gap of Dunloe.
  • We’ll board a “jaunty cart” and our Irish guide will regale us with stories and myths of ancient Ireland as we experience the beauty of the countryside.
  • Afterward, we’ll board a small boat, navigating the rivers and lakes, following the course of ancient glaciers which carved this area in ancient times.
  • We’ll then return to Killarney and our hotel for the evening.
Day Seven
The gift of the gab and mysterious crystals.

  • Our first stop of the day is Blarney Castle, built over 600 years ago by one of Irelands greatest chieftains, Cormac MacCarthy.
    • Over the years, millions of people who sought “the gift of the gab” have journeyed to Blarney Castle to take their turn at kissing the Blarney Stone. We’ll have the opportunity to kiss this famous and ancient stone and see for ourselves if it imparts this gift upon our lips.
  • Next, it’s on to Waterford, a town which is synonymous with the famous crystal that’s made here. Ever wonder why Waterford Crystal is so valuable? We’ll tour the factory, learn about its history and how this unique glass is made.
  • This evening, we head to Cashel where we will experience an Irish dinner and Community Stay.
Day Eight
Life in Ireland

  • We have a full day in Cashel with our community hosts. We’ll learn the fine art of baking warm & delicious Irish bread.
    • Then, we’ll interact with local Irish students and try our hand at traditional Gaelic sports.
  • This afternoon, we will visit the Rock of Cashel, the traditional seat of the Kings of Munster.
    • The complex of buildings on the rock are some fine examples of medieval architecture and contain some of the best examples of Celtic art in all of Ireland.
  • Tonight, we will put on our party gear! Get ready to enjoy a spirited evening at an Irish Ceili.
  • Irish dancers will entertain us as they demonstrate the traditional dances of Ireland. Don’t get too comfortable, we’ll be joining in and learning our own version of an Irish jig.
Day Nine
Dublin, Trinity and The Book of Kells

  • As we head back to Dublin, we’ll have time to reflect on all we’ve seen and experienced on the Irish leg of our U.K. journey.
  • A specialized city guide will join us to introduce the major sights, stories, history and legends of Dublin.
  • Next, we’re headed to Trinity College.
  • Trinity is home to one of the greatest treasures of the Medieval world, the Book of Kells. The book consists of a series of illuminated manuscripts which were hand written and illustrated by the monks in a Columban monestary in Ireland.
    • The manuscript is bound in four volumes and one is always on display in the library.
    • The interactive exhibits show the astounding work created by the monks during the ninth century.
  • Later in the day it’s on to Dublinia where we will transport ourselves back in time to the era of the Vikings.
    • This fun & interactive exhibit shows us what life was like in medieval times. We’ll learn about the ancient Vikings who first settled Dublin during the tenth century (that’s more than a thousand years ago!)
Day Ten
Dublin to Holyhead

  • This morning, we’ll head to the ferry terminal where we will board our ferry to cross the Irish Sea to Holyhead in Wales.
  • After clearing arrival formalities, prepare for some adventure as we take on the challenge of riding the fastest zip line in the world: “Velocity!”
    • Velocity travels from a height of 500 ft and reaches speeds of 100 MPH. Are you brave enough?
  • Later this evening, we head to the Roman town of Chester, where we’ll experience our first taste of Welsh hospitality.
Day Eleven
Chester and Warwick

  • Welcome to Chester. If you were thinking a visit to Chester is nothing special, you’d be wrong!
  • Our Chester tour will be led by a very special and historic City Guide who knows a thing or two about ancient history in this region — because he’s a Roman Centurion.
    • This highly specialized re-enactor will guide us to learn about Wales at the time of, obviously, the ancient Romans.
  • Later, after all the “Selfies with Centurions,” we’ll journey south and move forward in time to Medieval England. Welcome to Warwick Castle.
    • At magnificent Warwick, we will learn about medieval castle defense techniques and hand-to-hand combat in medieval times.
    • We’ll meet interesting characters such, as the not-so-popular castle rat catcher, who will tell us about life in medieval times.
  • Later, we’ll head to our accommodation in Oxfordshire.
Day Twelve

  • Our list of unforgettable moments continues to grow as we journey to Stratford-upon-Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare.
  • This year promises to be extra special, as we join with all of Great Britain in commemorating the 400th Anniversary of The Bard’s death. Special once-in-a-lifetime touches will adorn the community throughout.
  • We’ll also marvel at the very permanent examples of Elizabethan architecture around the beautiful town.
  • Next, we’ll head back to London – and the Globe Theatre – which has been faithfully reconstructed as a venue for performing Shakespeare’s plays in the manner in which they were originally intended.
    • At the Globe, our workshop leader will instruct and demonstrate, then we’ll be invited to join in the memorable fun.
    • After the Shakespearian exposure you’ll enjoy today, you will have quite the advantage when studying Shakespeare’s plays in class!
Day Thirteen

  • We’ll start our day with a cruise on the magnificent River Thames.
    • You’ll gain a one-of-a-kind perspective of historic and modern London from this famous river.
    • We will see sights such as The Shard and St. Paul’s Cathedral, which provide an interesting contrast between London of yesteryear and modern London.
  • Next, it’s off to the Tower of London, where we’ll be greeted by a real, live Beefeater.
    • He’ll recount the sometimes-gruesome history of the tower and the many infamous characters who were imprisoned, tortured and executed here.
    • We’ll also learn why a group of ravens are kept in cages, ensuring that they never leave the tower.
  • One of the most popular attractions at The Tower are, of course, the Crown Jewels.
    • These majestic jewels are kept in the vaults of the the tower and will be on display for you to goggle.
  • Our last night in London will be extra-special, as we head to the West End!
    • After our pre-theatre farewell dinner, you’ll take in one of London’s unforgettable and world-famous West End Musicals.
Day Fourteen
Pip Pip, Cheerio!

  • Sadly, our magnificent journey through the United Kingdom comes to an end this morning.
  • We’ll head to the airport and board our flight back to the USA.
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