Astonishing Iceland!

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Transformational Adventure

There’s “Bragging Rights Travel,” and you’ve no doubt heard of “Bucketlist Travel.” Then, there’s what we like to call “Transformational Travel.”

That’s the only way to describe Jeremy Traynor & Quo Student Travel’s exceptionally active expedition to Iceland.

Experience the natural, rugged beauty, witness geologic wonders, and dive into the rich culture. Gain new perspectives and broaden your horizons while exploring black sand beaches, geysers, glaciers, and geothermal lagoons.

Your journey of discovery is calling — grab your curiosity and clip on some crampons…the glaciers are waiting!

Where are You Going?

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Program Highlights

Smaller groups.

Bigger impact!

Program length: 8 days
All Inclusive Price:  from $4,995

* Program is priced for departure from Minneapolis, MN.

Programs Depart:  June 18, 2018

Minimum Group: 25 Paying Travelers

Student Travel Program to Iceland

Program Highlights:
  • Active Itinerary!
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Immersion in Local Culture, Science, Conservation & History
  • The Bridge Between Two Continents
  • Focus: Hellisheiði, where Geothermal Power meets 70% of Iceland’s Energy Needs
  • Hike to Swim in Streams Warmed Inside the Earth
  • Introduction to Icelandic Democracy and History
  • National Parks, Waterfalls and Geysers
  • Visit Volcanic Structures Made Famous by Game of Thrones
  • Explore distinctive Icelandic Vegetation and Wildlife
  • Meet the Surprisingly Diminutive Icelandic Horses
  • Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss Waterfalls
  • One of the Most Beautiful Black Sand Beaches on Earth
  • Guided, Hands-On Glacier Expedition by Boat




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Full Program Itinerary

Day One – Embark!
Today you will take your overnight international flight to Iceland!
Day Two – Exploration Awaits
We’ll arrive this morning and head to a welcome breakfast, as we get to know our Travel Manager and the local staff.

  • The adventure begins with comprehensive tour of Reykjavik.
  • We’ll visit several historic places, including the very house where President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev met to discuss peace between the United States and the Soviet Union.
  • Learn about the wool industry, its impact on Iceland’s economy and shop for your very own woolen article to take home!
Day Three – The Golden Circle
Experience Iceland’s famous Golden Circle!

  • We’ll make our way to Þingvellir National Park to learn about early settlements and the history of the democracy in Iceland.
  • Niagara Falls? Not quite, but we will be seeing its comparative twin, the Gulfoss Waterfall!
  • Learn about different types of geothermic activity and see them in action at the Geysir Geothermal Area.
  • Learn about Icelandic agriculture on a working tomato farm & taste the fruits of this innovative labor: traditional Icelandic tomato soup.
  • See (& taste) geothermal energy in a new way. We’ll travel to a small town where locals bake bread underground using the natural heat! We’ll unearth loaves of bread and give it a try. This will be a snack to remember!
  • Grab your life jacket and get ready for river rafting and a BBQ dinner to cap your day!
Day Four – The Westman Islands
Set sail for a quick trip over to the Westman Islands.

  • Referred to as the “Pompeii of the North,” the Westman Islands, Vestmannaeyjar in Icelandic, is a chain of 15 islands, only one of which is inhabited.
  • Heimaey Island boasts 4,500 of the friendliest people in Iceland, stunning landscapes, and the largest puffin colony in the world.  This is also home to Eldfell Volcano.
  • Stórhöfði is known for being “the windiest place in Iceland,” and possibly the whole of Europe. It is also the best place in Iceland to see the native Puffins!
  • Learn about Iceland’s robust fishing industry as you study the vessels, equipment, and explore a local cannery.
  • You’ll meet with local students and discover first hand what life is like for your Icelandic peers!
  • Learn about the Icelandic Job Corps – participation is a requirement for all students. We’ll roll up our sleeves and pitch in to help improve the lives of those in need.
  • Experience volcanology when you visit Eldfell Volcano.
  • Visit the whale museum and learn about the efforts to reintroduce Keiko the whale (from the 1993 movie Free Willy) into the wild.
Day Five – Glaciers, Volcanoes and Tiny Horses!
Today, global warming and its affects get real and personal.

  • We’ll embark on a research vessel, sailing across a glacial lagoon to study the history and age of the glacial bed, and to observe glaciers as they “calve” pieces into the sea.
  • We’ll hike through a glacial valley riddled with glacier-markers, showing the progression of glacial recession.
  • Visit a cultural center and a volcanic eruption museum to learn about the devastation of the 1873 eruption that resulted in drastic environmental impact and global weather changes.
  • Icelandic horses are not to be confused with ponies! After our hike, we’ll head to a farm where we’ll get up-close and hands-on with these unique animals. Discover why they are so important to Icelandic culture, and pose for some unforgettable selfies!
Day Six – Waterfalls, Science & Black Sand
  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfall is one of the most famous features of Iceland.  Today, you’ll explore this natural beauty, along with several others – including the famed Skogafoss.  (Did you know that Seljanlandsfoss was used in Justin Bieber’s “I’ll show you” video?)
  • Have you ever seen a black sand beach?  Today, you can check it off of your list. After our waterfall treks and science lessons, we’ll head in the direction of the Dyrhólaey Peninsula and Reynisfjara black sand beach!
  • During our travels today, we’ll be learning about some unique vegetation and wildlife, only found in Iceland.  Bring you sharp inquiry and get ready to think like a scientist!
  • Learn about the dairy production and the importance of Icelandic skyrr.
  • These days, everything Icelandic is hot. Icelandic music, traditions and culture are very au currant. You’ll see tradition in action as you bundle up and listen to Icelandic folk-music around a large bonfire, to celebrate the Summer Solstice as druids have done for centuries!
  • After our festivities with locals, we’ll grab our packs and head out into the countryside for a midnight hike to a genuine hidden gem. We’ll trek through a valley that leads to a geothermal hot river, where you’ll soak the day away under the “night” sky!
Day Seven – The Blue Lagoon
  • We’ll begin the adventure today by heading to “The Bridge Between Continents,” where we’ll stand with one foot in Europe and the other in North America.
  • Head over to the Geothermal Power Plant of Hellisheiði, to learn about geothermal energy uses in Iceland and the many benefits it has on Icelandic society.
  • Check out Lake Kleifarvatn, the largest lake on the peninsula of Iceland, with no tributaries. This lake is a feat of nature with its water level rising or draining only through the ground.
  • Much of our exploration in Iceland provides illustration of the awesome resources of this nation’s geothermal power. Geothermal energy in Iceland is plentiful and incredibly inexpensive. It’s harnessed for heating homes, sidewalks and the production of electricity.
  • At long last, we’ll experience the Blue Lagoon! This is an iconic hot springs experience dedicated to promoting wellness and “energy for life.” We’ll spend the afternoon soaking and swimming in this marvelous example of science and nature working in harmony, where geothermal energy heats water from the sea.
  • Explore the picturesque towns of Seltun & Grindavik, with a stop by Reykjanes Lighthouse.
Day Eight – Bon Voyage!
We’ll awaken this morning to the uniquely captivating beauty of Reykjavik, and feel some remorse as we pack our bags.

We’ll enjoy breakfast at the hotel and then catch our bus back to the airport to board our flight and begin our journey home!

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