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Japan Travel Program

Students encounter growth & self discovery on Quo’s life-changing adventure to Japan!

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Konichiwa, Japan!

This summer, students from the Indiana region can travel to Japan with Fort Wayne Teacher Jennifer Walker for the educational adventure of a lifetime!

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Program Highlights:
  • Fly into Tokyo and out of Osaka
  • Hands-On Anime Workshop in a top anime studio
  • Onsen hot spring, bathing ritual huts complete with tatami mats
  • Climb to “the boundary between heaven and earth” on Mt. Fuji
  • Minpaku homestay with a Japanese family
  • Ride the Bullet Train at 200 mph
  • Hiroshima Peace Shrine


Smaller group.
Bigger impact.
Program length:  12 days
All Inclusive Price:  $5,995
Program Departs:  
June 26, 2017
Student Travel to Japan - Educational Travel - People to People - PTPI

ADVENTURE: Challenge yourself, explore iconic sites and experience personal growth.

EDUCATION: Hands-on learning about cultures, traditions and the history of civilization.

CULTURAL IMMERSION: Connect with locals and experience life as they do.

It’s not too late!

You can still enroll students for these 12 transformational days in Asia!

Immerse yourself in the modern and ancient cultures of the Land of the Rising Sun! This is the most exciting, comprehensive and immersive Japanese adventure available to students today.

Experience the glittering, fashionably modern city of Tokyo, known for it’s anime, bright lights, fast pace and “otherworldly” pop culture. More than any other city, Tokyo embodies both past and future. Elegantly serene old-world traditions coexist alongside the latest innovations in technology, architecture and fashion.

But Japan is so much more than just Tokyo & surrounds. With Quo, you’ll experience the diverse landscapes and rich cultures represented throughout many parts of the country. You’ll engage with locals, experience a homestay and take a bullet train to explore Hiroshima’s impactful Peace Park.