China & Hong Kong. This Summer.

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Students encounter growth & self discovery on Quo’s life-changing adventure to China & Hong Kong!

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This summer, students from southern California can travel to China & Hong Kong with Los Angeles Teacher Kelly Nolan for the educational adventure of a lifetime!

Academic Edge - Experiential Learning - Hands On Learning

Program Highlights:
  • Stroll Imperial paths in The Forbidden City
  • Climb the Great Wall of China & visit the Summer Palace
  • Explore Tiananmen Square
  • Shift your perspective & meet students at the Shaolin Martial Arts School
  • Ride an overnight train to Xi’an
  • Attend High School in Xi’an
  • Get up-close with the Terra Cotta Warriors
  • HOMESTAY in a Chinese village
  • Marvel at the magnificent vistas of the Li River
  • Spend a full day at Shanghai DISNEYLAND!
  • Visit Suzhou – the Venice of the East
  • Overnight at a Wuzhen Guest House
  • Explore Hong Kong’s famed Aberdeen Fishing Village
  • Breathtaking vistas from high atop Victoria Peak


Smaller group.
Bigger impact.
Program length:  19 days
All Inclusive Price:  $6,795
Program Departs:  
July 4, 2017
Student Travel - Educational Travel - China for Students

ADVENTURE: Challenge yourself, explore iconic sites and experience personal growth.

EDUCATION: Hands-on learning about cultures, traditions and the history of civilization.

CULTURAL IMMERSION: Connect with locals and experience life as they do.

It’s not too late!

You can still enroll students for these 19 transformational days in China!

At nearly 4,000 years old, China is ancient beyond most Americans’ understanding.

With its first dynasty founded 2,000 years BC, China was advancing & standardizing civilization when Europe was just entering the Bronze age.

For today’s students, an understanding of China is essential.

Having hands-on experiences and personal connections in China is priceless. It would be difficult to overstate the advantages students will gain from this comprehensive 19-day educational adventure.

A Lifetime of Benefits

Quo’s proven curriculum and pre-travel training prepare students for success while helping them gain independence and expand their global awareness. Our highly trained & experienced guides enrich every opportunity for learning, and our experienced & highly trained 24/7 Travel Managers assure a safe and fun adventure every step of the way.

Quo’s carefully crafted travel experiences challenge students to stretch in safe and rewarding ways, fostering personal growth and giving an academic edge unlike any other educational travel program.

Join The Ultimate Journey to the “Middle Kingdom”

This is your ticket to hands-on learning in the Global Classroom! Every encounter is designed to be special, meaningful, memorable and beneficial.

How can you NOT have fun and learn as you:

  • clamber up the Great Wall
  • meet Giant Pandas
  • wander through the Forbidden City
  • marvel at an ancient terra-cotta army
  • and enjoy a homestay with a Chinese family?

If that’s not enough:

  • you’ll attend high school with your Chinese peers
  • compare & contrast ancient and modern China
  • and sail Hong Kong harbor on a modern day Junk Boat.

It’s relentlessly fun, and it will open your eyes to the world in ways you can’t imagine.

The social diversity, ancient history and fascinating traditions you’ll encounter in today’s rapidly-changing China present endless opportunities for cultural immersion, enduring connections and personal transformation.


Don’t miss this opportunity to discover a world that will have an enduring impact on your education, career and life. China and Hong Kong promise an unforgettable, life-changing adventure!

For personal growth, cultural immersion, educational benefits and advantages that last a lifetime, you can’t beat our China & Hong Kong adventure!

– Quo Founder, Peg Thomas