Go Down Under This Summer.

Get ready for the world.

  • Quo Student Travel - South Pacific Adventure
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Students encounter growth & self discovery on Quo’s life-changing adventure to the South Pacific!

Your summer adventure begins here.
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This summer, students from the Central South region can travel to Australia, New Zealand & Fiji with Teacher-Leader Laura Stehlin for the educational adventure of a lifetime!


Program Highlights:
  • FOCUS: Adventure, Discovery & Cultural Connections
  • Hobbiton – set of the Lord of the Rings movies
  • Community Service Day in Fiji
  • Fijian Village Visit & attend school with Fijian children
  • Yacht to Mystery Island in Fiji for a day of snorkeling and fun in the sun
  • Home Stay in New Zealand
  • Maori Marae* Stay (*see day 13!)
  • Alpine Luge down Mt. Ngongotaha
  • “Full On” Personal Growth & Adventure Challenge Day
  • Mountain Rappelling
  • Behind the Scenes at the Sydney Opera House
  • Play Aussie Rules Football & Cricket with Local Students
  • Aboriginal Culture Immersion
  • Boomerang & Didgeridoo Lessons
  • Get Up-Close with Kangaroos & Koalas
  • Sydney Harbor Dinner Cruise
  • Surf Lessons on Legendary Bondi Beach
  • Opals: Gems Found Only In Australia
  • Explore the Great Barrier Reef with Biologist Guides
  • Glass Bottom Boats & Snorkeling with Wildlife
  • Tropical North Queensland Rainforest
  • Lunch with Parrots at Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Cairns Night Market
  • Spear-Hunt Mud Crabs with Aboriginals


Smaller group.
Bigger impact.
Program length:  22 days
All Inclusive Price:  $7,995
Program Departs:  
June 20, 2017
Education Travel - Student Travel to South Pacific

ADVENTURE: Challenge yourself, explore iconic sites and experience personal growth.

EDUCATION: Hands-on learning about cultures, traditions and the history of civilization.

CULTURAL IMMERSION: Connect with locals and experience life as they do.

It’s not too late!

You can still enroll students for these 22 transformational days down under!

South Pacific: One of Earth’s Most Magical Destinations

We’ll take you halfway around the world and let you experience life down under. From Fijian, Maori and Aboriginal beginnings to the modern day splendor of Auckland and Sydney, students will live like locals, get up close & personal with the wildlife, swim in the crystal blue waters – even learn to surf on legendary Bondi Beach. 

For today’s students, hands-on experiences and enduring personal connections abroad are priceless. Blending unprecedented fun, unforgettable adventure, genuine cultural immersion and powerful learning opportunities brings textbooks to life and opens students’ eyes to a world they couldn’t have imagined!

It would be difficult to overstate the advantages you will gain from this comprehensive 22-day educational and cultural extravaganza.

A Lifetime of Benefits

Quo’s proven curriculum and pre-travel training prepare students for success while helping them gain independence and expand their global awareness. Our highly trained & experienced guides enrich every opportunity for learning. Experienced & highly trained 24/7 Travel Managers assure a safe and fun adventure every step of the way.

Quo’s carefully crafted travel experiences challenge students to stretch in safe and rewarding ways, fostering personal growth and giving an academic edge unlike any other educational travel program.

If you love the outdoors & wildlife and have plenty of adrenaline to spare, this culturally-rich, 3-nation learning adventure Down Under is for you.

For personal growth, cultural immersion, educational benefits and advantages that last a lifetime, you can’t beat our South Pacific adventure!

– Quo Founder, Peg Thomas