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Here’s what Students & Parents say about their experience with Quo:
Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands

– Melissa Carr, Parent

South Africa

– Kaitlin Krantz, Student

London, Paris and Rome

  Everything was just right, and our Leader was great! I love that my son was learning without even knowing it.  

Net Promoter = 10

– Michelle Lawless, Parent

Australia, New Zealand, Fiji

  I have decided that if I am reincarnated, I would like to come back as my children so I can see and do all these neat things, too!  

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10

– Janet Eng, Parent

Galapagos and Ecuador

  This was my 4th international student travel program and I think QUO did an outstanding job with this itinerary. Cesar was the best manager I ever had! I enjoyed being part of the local communities, especially when we were able to playing soccer with the students and interact with them on a personal level. I really enjoyed all the snorkeling, and I learned more than I imagined. The whole trip was inspiring!

Continue with great work, Quo!  

5 Stars, Net Promoter = 10

– Aidan, Student

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