Enrollment:  Iceland!

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Student Adventure Travel to Iceland
Transformational Adventure

There’s “Bragging Rights Travel,” and you’ve no doubt heard of “Bucketlist Travel.” Then, there’s what we like to call “Transformational Travel.”

That’s the only way to describe Quo Student Travel’s exceptionally active expedition to Iceland.

Experience the natural, rugged beauty, witness geologic wonders, and dive into the rich culture. Gain new perspectives and broaden your horizons while exploring black sand beaches, geysers, glaciers, and geothermal lagoons.

Your journey of discovery is calling — grab your curiosity and clip on some crampons…the glaciers are waiting!


Program Highlights:
  • Active Itinerary!
  • Immersion in Local Culture, Science, Conservation & History
  • Geothermal Swimming
  • The Bridge Between Two Continents
  • Focus: Geothermal Power meets 70% of Iceland’s energy needs
  • Geothermal Power Plant of Hellisheiði
  • Golden Circle
  • Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Hike to Swim in Streams Warmed Inside the Earth
  • Introduction to Icelandic Democracy and History
  • National Parks, Waterfalls and Geysers
  • Instructional & Historic Viking Farm
  • Visit Volcanic Structures Made Famous by Game of Thrones
  • Explore distinctive Icelandic Vegetation and Wildlife
  • Meet the Surprisingly Diminutive Icelandic Horses
  • Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss Waterfalls
  • One of the Most Beautiful Black Sand Beaches on Earth
  • Guided, Hands-On Glacier Expedition by Boat in Glacier Lagoon

See the full, day-by-day program itinerary below.

Full Program Itinerary

Day One – Embark!
Today you will take your international flight to Iceland!
Day Two – The Reykjanes Peninsula
We’ll arrive this morning and head to a welcome breakfast, as we get to know our Travel Manager and the local staff.

We start our day with breakfast in the small town of Sandgeroi. After breakfast the adventure really gets going as we undertake a tour of the Reykjanes Peninsula to see the many geological wonders of this small peninsula.

  • We’ll visit two active geothermal hot-spots: Gunnuhver and Seltún
  • Head to “The Bridge Between Continents,” where we’ll stand with one foot in Europe and the other in North America!
  • It’s an eerie sight to behold the Reykjanes Light House, imposingly constructed atop Bæjarfell hill. Large steam clouds from geothermal fields below often drift up to shroud the lighthouse, day and night, bringing added drama to the view.
  • Much of our exploration in Iceland provides illustration of the awesome resources of this nation’s geothermal power. Geothermal energy in Iceland is plentiful and incredibly inexpensive. It’s harnessed for heating homes, sidewalks and the production of electricity.

    Even more importantly, we’ll note that the swimming pool at Grindavik is heated by geothermal energy. We’ll spend the rest of the afternoon enjoying the naturally heated water as we swim and play at the pool!

  • Overnight in Reykjavik.
Day Three – The Golden Circle
The Golden Circle consists of three equally stunning locations in southwest Iceland:

  • Þingvellir National Park (where we’ll learn about early settlements and the history of the democracy in Iceland)
  • the Geysir Geothermal Area (we’ll learn about the many types of geothermic activity in Iceland, and see them in dramatic action at the Geysir Geothermal area.  Get your camera ready to capture these unique geological wonders!)
  • Gullfoss waterfall (Niagra Falls? Not quite, but this spectacular waterfall is its comparative twin.)

We’ll see for ourselves today why these sites are renowned across the world. They are all as spectacular as they are unique.

Day Four – The Westman Islands
We’ll take ferries to explore these islands off the southern coast of Iceland (dependent upon weather).

Referred to as the “Pompeii of the North”, the Westman Islands, Vestmannaeyjar in Icelandic, is a chain of 15 islands, only one of which is inhabited. Heimaey boasts 4,500 of the friendliest people in Iceland, stunning landscapes, and the largest puffin colony in the world.  This is also home to Eldfell Volcano.

Stórhöfði is known for being “the windiest place in Iceland,” and possibly the whole of Europe. It is also the best place in Iceland to see Puffins!

We’ll also visit Eldheimar, which is home to the museum documenting Iceland’s many devastating volcanic eruptions.

Day Five – The South Shore
Vatnajökull National Park is one of three national parks in Iceland. This is now the second largest national park in Europe (the largest one is in Russia).

Kirkjubæjarstofa is a cultural center dedicated to the Vatnajokull National Park and the largest lava flow eruption in human history – the one that meteorologist measure all others against.

Next, we’ll see Lakagígar, a volcanic fissure centered on the volcanoes Grímsvötn and Thordarhyrna. When this volcanic system violently erupted for 8 months in 1784, it destroyed the nation’s crops, led to the death of over 50% of Iceland’s livestock and the resulting famine took 25% of the island’s human population. It caused a drop in global temperatures, caused crop failures in Europe and droughts in North Africa and India. Today, the lava flows and other evidence of this event remains fascinating.

The Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon is one of the greatest wonders of nature in Iceland, and it’s new. The lagoon is the result of our warming planet. It has formed at the base of a massive glacier, from which massive ice chunks carve. We’ll board a ship to navigate the beautiful lagoon and explore the receding glacier.

Then, we’ll make our way to the distinctive and memorable Skaftafell National Park. Here, the diversity and contrast of black sand plateaus, vibrant glaciers, rivers and icy lagoons, volcanoes and majestic mountain peaks make this an ideal setting for many films, such as the foreign planet from Interstellar.

We will hike to Svartifoss, which means “The Black Falls.” When you see it, you will understand. There are no roads that access this area, so we have to hike for about 90 minutes to see it. Worth every step.

Day Six – Waterfalls, Science & Black Sand
Seljalandsfoss Waterfall is one of the most famous features of Iceland.  Today, we’ll get to explore this natural beauty, along with several others including the famed Skogafoss.  (Did you know that Seljanlandsfoss was used in Justin Bieber’s “I’ll show you” video?)

During our travels today, we’ll be learning about some unique vegetation and wildlife, only found in Iceland.  Bring you sharp inquiry and get ready to think like a scientist!

Have you ever seen a black sand beach?  Today, you can check that off of your list!  After our waterfall treks and science lessons, we’ll head in the direction of the Dyrhólaey Peninsula and Reynisfjara black beach!

Víkurprjón is the largest wool factory outlet in Iceland. We’ll observe the looms at work and get a glimpse of how some of the most magnificent wool garments known to man are made.

Overnight close to the towns of Vík or Kirkjubæjarklaustur.

Day Seven – Glaciers, Lagoons and Icebergs, oh my!
Today, as we make our way back to Reykjavik, we’ll make a few stops to visit more famous areas, including:

  • Þjóðveldisbær Viking Farm – a reconstructed viking-era farm.  Learn about its past and why it was reconstructed!
  • Next, we’ll hike through the Gjáin valley, home to waterfalls, ponds, and spectacular volcanic structures.  Oh, and did we mention that it’s been used for filming in Game of Thrones??
  • Icelandic horses are not to be confused with ponies!  After our hike, we’ll head to a farm where we’ll learn about these unique animals and why they’re so important to Icelandic culture.
  • Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon and
  • Urriðafoss Waterfall.

Overnight in Reykjavik

Day Eight – Revelations of Reykjavik & Bon Voyage!
We’ll awaken this morning to the uniquely captivating beauty of Reykjavik, and feel some remorse as we pack our bags.

We’ll enjoy breakfast at the hotel and then set out for one last adventure!

This morning, we’re trekking in Reykjavik! Our walking expedition will reveal all about this fascinating and tiny, but globally-relevant, city.

We’ll return to catch our bus back to the airport to board our flight and begin our journey home!