“Bring Your Bestie” Referral Sweepstakes

Educational Travel Program - Student Travel Program
Score with Quo’s “Bring Your Bestie” Sweepstakes!

Quo students love travel – especially with friends & family.

From now through Valentine’s Day, refer your besties to earn rewards!

What’s in it for you?
  • the joy of travel with friends & family
  • earn your choice of stylish Quo swag
  • earn TWO entries per bestie through Dec 31, 2016
  • earn ONE entry per bestie through Feb 14, 2017
♦ WIN $500
  • One lucky referring student will win 500 scholarship dollars in our drawing on Feb 15th!

Everybody Gets SWAG!

All valid registered referrals earn you a swanky piece of Quo Swag.

What’s it look like?

Think hoodie, not t-shirt. More styles to come, but check this out:


Here’s how it works

Who’s your Bestie?

Any friend or family member who enrolls to travel with you and pays their deposit by Valentine’s Day, qualifies as your Quo Bestie, and earns you rewards.

The more friends & family members you enroll – and the earlier they enroll – the more chances you’ll have entered in the Bring Your Bestie Sweepstakes drawing.


  • Each bestie who pays their deposit by Dec 31st earns you free swag + 2 entries into the drawing.

2)  SWAG + 1 ENTRY

  • Each bestie who pays their deposit by Feb 14th earns you free swag + 1 entry into the drawing.


  • One lucky Quo traveler will win a $500 TRAVEL CREDIT toward program tuition.*


  • If you have SIBLINGS traveling this year, you can get credit (credit = swag + entries) for each other.**


  • Credit is RETROACTIVE! If you already referred someone for 2017 travel and they have enrolled & paid their deposit, it counts! **

* Winner will be drawn on February 15, 2017.

** Entry Form below must be completed for entries to be valid.

See “Sweepstakes Rules” for complete details.

Complete the Form

So, complete the form below to identify the friends & family members you’ve referred to Quo.

Forms can be submitted any time you refer someone new (before 2/14/17). Easy-peasy.

Good luck!

"Bring Your Bestie" Sweepstakes Registration Form

Enrolled Quo students! Register names of the Besties you'll bring with you on program next summer!
  • First/Last
  • City/State
  • First/Last, City, State (One entry per valid referral.)
  • First/Last, First/Last, etc. (You'll each receive an entry in the contest.)
  • First/Last, City, State
  • First/Last, City, State
  • (TWO entries per valid referral before 12/31/16. One entry per valid referral between 1/1/17 and 2/14/17. Referral must be enrolled with paid deposit by midnight PST 2/14/17. All contest entries must be registered using this form no later than midnight PST 2/14/17. Drawing for prizes will be held on 2/15/17 and winners will be notified by email the same day.)

Remember, for referrals to earn you valid entries in the sweepstakes, they must have completed their Enrollment with Quo and pay their full deposit by midnight, February 14, 2017.