Adult Traveler Registration, Step #3:

Student Travel - Educational Travel

To complete your application, select a payment option below and provide your credit card information. You will receive a confirmation email from Quo once your payment is approved.

Please note, if you are traveling from a city other than the departure city of your group and teacher, you may be subject to additional airfare.

All adult travelers are subject to a $400 Adult Supplement due to higher, non-student rates. Any adult travelers who wish to have a single room will have a single room supplement added to their account.

    A $100 Early-Enrollment Discount applies through Sept 15, 2016. Only $100 Deposit required through Mar 1, 2016. Three payment options are available: 1) Full Payment ($50 discount if paid by April 15th, 2017), 2) Monthly Payments ($500 Deposit at time of Enrollment followed by equal monthly installments), and 3) Installment Plan ($500 Deposit at time of Enrollment, followed by 50% of program cost due January 15 on year of travel, and remaining program cost due by April 15 on year of travel.)
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