Espania: Inmersión!

Hermosa España!

Immerse yourself in the second most common language spoken on earth, as you open your mind to a whole new world of culture, art, music, food & tradition.

Get comfortable speaking the language and acquire comprehension and pronunciation skills never possible in a classroom.

Your phenomenal home stay experience in a small village, nestled between the mountains and the coast, will leave you with enhanced communication skills and new friendships that last a lifetime.

For personal growth, educational benefits and advantages that last a lifetime, you can’t beat our Spanish Language Immersion adventure!

– Quo Founder, Peg Thomas

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All Inclusive Price:  $3,995
Program length:  10 days
Program Departs: February 14, 2020

Minimum Group:  20 Paying Travelers

Program Priced from Seattle, WA.

Deposit: $500 required at Enrollment.

Program Highlights:
  • Barcelona Arts & Culture
  • Discover Antoni Gaudí
  • Sagrada Familia
  • Plaza de España
  • Gran Via
  • Plaza de Catalunya
  • Passeig de Gracia
  • Avenida Diagonal
  • Parc Guell
  • Paella Cooking Class
  • Picasso Museum
  • Abbey Montserrat
  • 6 Nights Immersive Family Home Stay


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Full Program Itinerary

Day One – Buen Viaje!
Depart the USA on your overnight flight to Barcelona – the cosmopolitan capitol of the Catalonia region, known for its art, architecture and distinctive Spanish dialect. 
Day Two – Welcome to bonita Barcelona!
Upon arrival in this spectacular, world-class city, we’ll meet our magnifico local Travel Manager & Driver.

Barcelona is the vibrant heart of Spain. More than just beautiful beaches and lively locals, this historic city is bursting with opportunities for learning and growth. After an exciting & fun orientation briefing, our lifelong obsession with Spain will have begun!

The first human settlements in Barcelona date back to Neolithic times. At the end of the 1st Century BC, the Romans established a colony here called Barcino.

Today, colorful streets packed with world-class art and spectacular architecture house a never-ending array of landmarks and attractions.

The Spanish know that the way to the heart is first through the stomach, so our immersion into Spanish culture naturally begins with a delicious lunch of local specialties. 

This afternoon, Barcelona’s most spectacular sites will be ours for exploration:

  • Plaza de España
  • Gran Via & Plaza de Catalunya
  • Passeig de Gracia & Avenida Diagonal 

We’ll discover first-hand where the English term “gawdy” originates, as we marvel at the distinctive architecture of famed architect Antoni Gaudí.

Next, we’ll explore Gaudi’s incredible Parc Guell, a fantasy-like blend of architecture and nature, with amazing views of the city and the sea.

In 1882, construction began on the speactacular La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece cathedral. 134 years later, it’s still not finished, and it won’t be until 2026!

Following our Welcome Dinner this evening, we’ll fight off jetlag with a high-energy Flamenco show, and learn all about the culture of Flamenco! 

Day Three – Gaudí, Gaudí everywhere!
Spain boasts one of the richest, oldest and most powerful cultures in Europe. After breakfast this morning, we will set out on a “City Quest” to experience it for ourselves!

Like a “Spanish scavenger hunt,” we’ll explore, traverse and examine the city’s most exciting, colorful and historic attractions to discover clues, learn more and forge a deeper connection with this beautiful city and its inhabitants.

**We’ll spot Gaudi’s influence all around us today.**

In the center of Barcelona is a towering hill called Montjuic. This hill is where the Romans first founded this city in the 1st century BC. Today, Montjuic is home to

  • a historic castle fortress
  • amazing museums
  • a grand Olympic Park, and
  • one of the best panoramic views in all of Spain.

We’ll take a restored antique funicular (like a cable car) to the top and explore one of the city’s most memorable destinations!

Dinner tonight is a once-in-a-lifetime event. We’re joined by a renowned Spanish chef who will instruct us in “the art of Paella.”

  • Our hands-on cooking class will introduce the freshest local ingredients & traditional preparation techniques.
  • Then, we’ll enjoy eating the delicious result! 
Day Four – Picasso!
The world has been forever changed by the influence of Pablo Picasso’s art.

  • Today, we’ll discover his genius for ourselves as we visit the Museu Picasso!
  • Here we’ll discover one of the most extensive permanent collections by this prolific 20th-century Spanish artist.

Following a delicious Spanish lunch in the city, we’ll board our motorcoach and continue to Manresa, where we will meet our host families for our Spanish Home Stay!


The first segment of our adventure has been an introduction to Spanish culture, history, food, art, architecture and of course a chance to warm up our Spanish language skills.

We have explored a world class city, gained exclusive access to some of its richest treasures and been taught by fun and exciting local experts.

Our experiences, discoveries and personal growth from these Barcelona days will continue to inform our personal lives, education and careers throughout our lifetimes.


The next segment, our Home Stay, is a full immersion into Spanish language and culture, and a chance to experience what everyday life is like for typical families and students. It’s a profound and unforgettable opportunity that you will love!

You’ll enjoy a welcome dinner tonight with your new home stay family.

After, you’ll review plans for the rest of the week, settle into your new home and start putting your Spanish language skills to work! 

Days Four through Nine – Home Stay!
Live like a local in your Spanish Home Stay!

  • Your host family will include at least one student your age.
  • You’ll enjoy having your own room in the family home.
  • Local teachers select & coordinate host families, so you’re certain to be matched with a family that’s both appropriate and dedicated to giving you an amazing, happy, safe and utterly unforgettable experience!
  • Host homes are thoroughly inspected and vetted for safety, comfort and quality. You’ll feel right at home!
  • Attend classes and school activities with your host sibling(s) and their classmates. Prepare to make new lifelong friends!
  • Enjoy breakfast and dinner with your host family each day. Eat lunch at school with your new friends, like you do at home. You’ll see your classmates from home at school, too, and compare notes on your experiences.
  • You may have the opportunity to teach English to some of your new Spanish friends, but mostly you’ll speak Spanish throughout your Home Stay.
  • You’ll be amazed how quickly you feel confident about your ability to understand and be understood.
  • Imagine forging friendships based on getting to know one another in a different language!
  • You’ll compare your coursework to what Spanish students are learning in school, but you’ll also learn what your new peers are into in terms of music, film & television, technology, the arts, sports, food & snacks, fashion and everything teens typically enjoy.
  • In the evenings and on the weekend, your host family may take you on outings and excursions, such as attending local events, visiting galleries and museums, finding thrills at the local amusement park, heading out for a hike or maybe even going to the beach!
Day Nine – Climbing & Dancing to New Heights!
This morning, in flawless Spanish, we’ll bid a sad farewell to our Home Stay families. But the adventure isn’t over!

This afternoon, we’ll encounter yet another fascinating aspect of Spanish culture and history at Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey.

  • This mountaintop monastery enshrines priceless art and history, features more than a thousand years of architectural styles, and offers one of the most breathtaking views in all of Europe.
  • This is an amazing place to glimpse many of the enduring ways the Catholic Church has influenced Spanish culture in the past and present.

Tonight, dress in your best for our Farewell Dinner!

  • A specially prepared meal of Spanish delights is followed by a spectacular Flamenco Dance Show.
  • Be sure to wear your dancing shoes! 
Day Ten – Adios, España!
Today, we bid farewell to Europe and head to the airport for our flight back to the USA.